Trees are your best antiques...                                  
                                  Alexander Smith, (1830-1867) Scottish Poet

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3rd Annual Arbor Day
Tree Planting Event

Hosted by Kopper Glo Fuel, Inc.
Tackett Creek Surface Mine #2
Claiborne County, Tennessee

26 April 2011

Office of Surface Mining (OSM) volunteers
Will Debord (close up) and Tim Rudder (in background) teaching students how to plant bare root seedlings
to reclaim the coal mining site at Kopper Glo

James Thacker with Kopper Glo Fuel
instructs the students on site safety
and how coal mining is performed on the site
where they planted trees on this day

Kopper Glo Fuel, Inc. hosted the Arbor Day 2011 event at its Tackett Creek Surface Mine #2 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.  Students at Clairfield and White Oak Elementary Schools established indoor American chestnut nurseries in their classrooms in early 2011 and then transplanted them at the planting event in April.  In addition to their potted American chestnut seedlings, students also planted bare-root seedlings of various species provided by Kopper Glo Fuel.  Tennessee Mining Association and Geo/Environmental Associates, Inc. provided several hundred American chestnut bare-root seedlings for planting.

See classroom nurseries set up for today's planting

See Mine Reclamation Lesson of today's site


Lunch is served!


The rains held off and about 50 students from White Oak and Clairfield Schools joined volunteers from Kopper Glo Fuel, the Office of Surface Mining, Tennessee Mining Association, Anderson County's The LEARN Center Alternative School, and Geo/Environmental Associates, Inc. to get several hundred trees into the ground.  Afterwards, the planters ate lunch at the site.

OSM volunteers included:  Tom Haywood, Chris Miller, Will Debord, Tim Rudder and Vic Davis 

Click on image
to enlarge:

Roxanne Reiley with
TMA and students

James Thacker with
Kopper Glo and
young tree planter

Vic Davis with
OSM with students

Wes Gilmer of Kopper
Glo Fuel with students

Vic Davis,
Forester with OSM

Group shot!!

Thank you note!

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