6th Annual Arbor Day /
Tree Planting Event on

Reclaimed Mine Land
Friday, 26 April 2013

Beautiful weather and
scenic outdoor classroom!

Students using dibble bar to plant trees


What do Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, and Morgan Counties have in common?  They all have mine land prepared by the Forestry Reclamation Approach where American chestnuts have been planted. 

OSM Forester Chris Miller taught us the
proper way to plant trees

Students with OSM's George Gunn
make great tree-planters!

At our 6th annual tree planting event, approximately 80 students from Lake City Middle School in Coal Creek (Anderson County) and Wynn-Habersham School in Campbell County planted 800+ American chestnuts and a variety of hardwoods on Triple H Coal Company property in Campbell County, Tennessee.  In addition to transplanting potted American chestnuts they have been growing in their classrooms, students learned how to plant bare-root seedlings. 

View previous American Chestnut
and Arbor Day events.

View the 2013 planting site area

Most of the group shown on the hillside after planting over 800 trees!!

The students were led by volunteers from the U.S. Office of Surface Mining (OSM), the Tennessee Mining Association, Triple H Coal Company, Coal Creek Watershed Foundation (CCWF), and Geo/Environmental Associates, Inc..  Afterwards, the planters enjoyed pizza delivered by Little Caesars of LaFollette  and had a lesson about coal mining.  We threw in oranges and apples and bottled water to be healthy! 

Barry Thacker (L) planting American chestnuts
that students grew in their classrooms

Triple H Coal's Steve Bailey, Brent Phillips and Alex Housley
with Roxanne Reiley of Tennessee Mining Association

Do you know that Tennessee miners wore bandanas to signify that they were part of the army fighting the state militia over the use of convict labor during the Coal Creek War from 1891 to 1892?  Students continued that tradition by wearing bandanas at the planting event to signify they are part of the army working to restore the American chestnut to reclaimed mine land in Tennessee.  

Beautiful drive up to the site

(L to R): Alex Housley of Triple H Coal, Roxanne
Reiley,of TN Mining Association and
Carol Moore of Coal Creek Watershed Foundation /
TN Mining Association

Vic Davis (L) and Earl Bandy of OSM (R)

Trees were planted on slope shown here

Wynn-Habersham students

View walking to planting site

Be sure to enjoy a slideshow of
photos posted on Flickr at:


Thanks for the great service by Big Al's portable toilets, Triple H Coal, LLC, Office of Surface Mining, Anderson and Campbell County Schools, M & R Bus Company, and Little Caesar's Pizza!

(Far Right) Retired OSM Forester Vic Davis
leads a team of planters

A few of the seedlings planted

Hard-working team of fine young men

Tree-planting girls!

Businesses know it's good to keep
your overhead costs down these days!

A few of the potted
American chestnut seedlings

Pizza time after a lot of hard work!


Ayers, Glenda -- Wynn-Habersham School
Bailey, Steve - Triple H Coal
Bandy, Earl – Office of Surface Mining (OSM)
Dabney, Mychal - OSM
Davis, Vic - Retired OSM - Reforestation Consultant
DeBord, Will - OSM
Gunn, George – OSM
Haywood, Tom - OSM
Hill, Pam - Wynn-Habersham School
Houdeschell, Denise – Lake City Middle School
Housley, Alex - Triple H Coal
Miller, Chris – OSM
Moore, Carol – Coal Creek Watershed Foundation / TN Mining Association
Nash, Whitney – OSM
Phillips,  Brent -- Triple H Coal
Rudder, Tim - OSM
Reiley, Roxanne – TN Mining Association
Thacker, Barry -- Coal Creek Watershed Foundation / TN Mining Association
Wilson, Monica – OSM


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