Photograph 1
.  View from Fraterville Bridge showing
how the width of Coal Creek narrows downstream of the bridge

Photograph 2
.  View from Fraterville Bridge showing State Highway 116 at far right and Coal Creek at far left.  A bench will be excavated in this area to increase the flow capacity of Coal Creek during flooding events.

Photograph 3.
  View from west bank showing narrowing of Coal Creek downstream of Fraterville Bridge.

Photograph 4.
  View from narrow section of Coal Creek looking upstream toward Fraterville Bridge.

The project was funded by Anderson County Project Impact and FEMA. 

Over the past several years, we have visited the subject site with various representatives of TVA and TDEC to discuss improvements downstream of the Fraterville Bridge on State Route 116 to reduce the potential for flooding of residences located near the bridge. Presented is a summary of the work based on recommendations from TVA and TDEC personnel following the format of the Application for Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit (ARAP).

The stream channel of Coal Creek narrows from approximately 50 feet wide at the Fraterville Bridge on State Highway 116 to a minimum of 32 feet wide downstream of the bridge. The grade of the stream bottom is flat for a distance of about 450 feet downstream of the bridge and then transitions into an overall grade of 0.4%. During heavy precipitation events, the flat, narrow stream channel downstream of the bridge causes water to temporarily impound beneath the bridge. Sediment and debris deposit at the bridge and water backs-up on adjacent properties.

Material will be removed to create a 25-foot wide bench above the creek's riparian zones.  Excavated material will be trucked offsite for use as construction fill. After the excavation work is completed, the disturbed area will be seeded and mulched. Trees will then be planted within the disturbed area.

The purpose of the proposed work is to reduce the potential for water to back-up onto private property adjacent to and upstream of the Fraterville Bridge. The proposed work was funded by a Project Impact grant from FEMA that was secured by Anderson County in 2001. The original property owner where the work will be done was reluctant to participate in the project. She later transferred ownership of the land to the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation, which explains the delay between now and when funding was secured.

Photographs of the project after excavation, but prior to planting trees, are shown below.

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