June 24, 2000

WHAT A PARTY!!  Our start to reducing flooding by removing deadwood and debris from around bridges was a huge success.  We completed work at 13 bridges.  Volunteers (all 137 of them) from the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, American Society of Civil Engineers, Boy Scouts of America, Anderson County, Briceville Volunteer Fire Department, UT Student Chapter of ASCE, TVA, and local residents made a difference at places like:  (Click on photos to see larger images)

For results of our hard work and how it helped with flooding, see 2002 news articles at:

It's a wash -- The Courier News -- March 20, 2002

Fighting the area floods -- Editorial -- The Knoxville News Sentinel -- March 20, 2002

Deluge proves worth of work on flood-prone Coal Creek
The Knoxville News Sentinel -- March 19, 2002


dead1.JPG (11880 bytes)Slatestone Creek Railroad Bridge,

dead2.JPG (11789 bytes)

Coal Creek Railroad Bridge at Briceville,

dead3.JPG (10920 bytes)Drummond Bridge near Fraterville (We must have scared off the ghost of Dick Drummond because it was not sighted),dead4.JPG (11864 bytes)

and lower Beech Grove Fork Railroad Bridge.

dead5.JPG (10367 bytes)


We winched it out,


dead6.JPG (11430 bytes)

used brute force,

dead7.JPG (11347 bytes)

"bucket brigades",

dead8.JPG (15836 bytes)



buddy systems,  


dead9.JPG (9649 bytes)  and dogs to make....



dead10.JPG (10926 bytes)

 tons of chipped mulch.


dead11.JPG (11967 bytes)TN State Representative William Baird (R) and Mark Messenbaugh from Gore 2000 (D) proved that Republicans and Democrats can work together.

dead12.JPG (7927 bytes)We saw conditions before Deadwood Removal Day, and

dead13.JPG (8455 bytes)

conditions after Deadwood Removal Day.


dead14.JPG (8958 bytes)

Afterwards, we ate,


ate some more, and listened to gospel singing.  dead15.JPG (9277 bytes)

David Diamond and Mark Messenbaugh from Gore 2000 were taken on a tour of many of the stops on our Coal Creek Motor Discovery Trail.  They learned about some of our other initiatives such as:

dead16.JPG (7204 bytes)Getting the Briceville People's Clinic reopened to improve dental and health care,

Improving drinking water supply and,

dead18.JPG (14883 bytes)


eliminating trash dumps.



dead19.JPG (12293 bytes)Gore 2000 staff learned about our:

ecology, conservation, and computer training in watershed schools,

dead20.JPG (13464 bytes)

abatement efforts at coal mine drainage sites abandoned prior to the 1977 SMCRA laws,

dead21.JPG (14733 bytes)and environmental problems associated with runoff washing iron precipitate from abandoned deep mine sites into streams.  We discussed the problems with congressional appropriations from the reclamation fund (built from fees paid by active mining companies) that would enable abatement of these environmental problems.

dead22.JPG (10304 bytes)They also learned why we are not concerned with active mining as evidenced by local fishermen at a mine site abandoned after 1977 in accordance with SMCRA environmental protection standards ..... just another day in Coal Creek.

Volunteers participating in Deadwood Removal Day 2000 included:


Abner, Corey

Adkins, Danny

Allen, Steve

Bailey, Zenith

Baird, William

Bates, William

Bolinger, Tammy

Bolinger, Derek

Bostic, Brian

Bostic, Lynn

Bostic, Dale

Bowlin, Ralph

Braden, Brenda

Brown, Wilfred S.

Brown, Margie

Buffington, Charles (Buzz)

Bullock, Jerry

Burris, Kathy

Byrge, Everett

Byrge, Wesley

Byrge, Kendra

Byrge, Gail

Byrge, David

Byrge, Pamela

Byrge, Russell

Carden, Larry

Cecil, Roger

Culbertson, Susannah

Daugherty, Ovie

Daugherty, Roy

Daugherty, Della

Davis, Thomas

Davis, Lucas

Davis, Charles

Diamond, David

Disney, Kathy

Disney, Charlie

Eichelman, Alan

Forrest, Freddie

Fuchs, Cherie

Fuchs, Rod

Garcia, Anne

Goley, Gary

Gremillion, Jacob

Halsey, Mitch

Hatmaker, Rubye

Hayes, James

Hayes, Winfrey

Hill, Sara

Holbrook, Michael

Hooks, Bonnie

Hooks, Harry

Hubbs, Debbie

Hunter, Walter

Jacks, Sue

Jennings, Roger

Jones, Fred

Jordan, Ralph

Justice, Gwen

Justice, Drew

Lawson, Lisa

Leinart, Joe

Leinart, Jeremiah

Leinart, Carol

Leinart, James

Leinart, Joshua

Leinart, Mary Etta

Leinhart, Dennis

Lickliter, David

Lickliter, Mike

Lickliter, Sheila

Long, Gary

Lowe, Curtis

Martin, Angela

Mason, Thomas

McCoy, J. P.

McCoy, Andy

McCoy, Teresa

McCoy, Aaron

McCoy, Blake

McCoy, Shauna

McCoy, Bobby

McGhee Joan Leinart

McGinley, Suzanne

Merrell, Leonard

Messenbaugh, Mark

Allan Mink

Miles, Doris


Miller, Johnny

Moore, Carol

Moss, William

Nighbert, Jean

Nofal, Mohamed

Overbay, Debbie

Phillips, Michael

Phillips, Rosemary

Phillips, Matthew

Phillips, Penny

Phillips, Brenda

Poore, Robert

Poore, Larry

Poore, Betty

Pressley, Wally

Prosise, Gary

Raymond, Ron

Rhea, Helen

Rhea, John

Rhea, Mary

Rhea, Justin

Russell, Mark

Russell, Billie

Seiber, Gail

Seiber, Teresa

Seiber, Archie

Seider, Shane

Selvidge, Kreis

Sexton, Bonnell

Shipley, Donnie

Smallwood, Charles

Smith, Charles

Taylor, Dot

Thacker, Barry

Thurman, Kathleen

Thurman, John

Tinker, Brenda

Vowell, Harry

Vowell, Barbara

Vowell, Harry

Vowell, Eva

Watson, Tom

Weaver, Lyndon

Weaver, Alice

Whitt, Scotty

Wilson, Ann

Yong, Jessica

York, Earnest

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