Coal Creek Deadwood and Debris Removal
after Tornados and Storms
16 November 2002 

The tornados and storms of 10 November 2002, left damage to homes, lives, and property in Coal Creek.  Briceville lost Volunteer Fire Department member Glen Poore to a heart attack during the storm.  Deadwood and debris once again clogged the bridges throughout Coal Creek, which is the main cause of flooding in the watershed.  Volunteers from Clinch River Trout Unlimited, Office of Surface Mining, Windrock ATV Club, Volunteer Riders Club, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Anderson County Litter Grant Program, Anderson County Tourism, Anderson County Highway Department, Geo/Environmental Associates, Coal Creek Scholars, and the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation worked to remove the debris from the bridges and piers.  Volunteers also assisted in removing trees and debris that had fallen on Mrs. Curnutt's home, who has donated the use of her land to revive the old Briceville Park.   Volunteers from Windrock ATV Club and the Volunteer Riders had previously arranged for a bulldozer to assist in continuing the clearing of the old Briceville Ball Park, so they carried on on Saturday and all day Sunday.  The area church ladies cooked and fed lunch to all the volunteers.

To get an idea of what the volunteers were dealing with, click on the images below:

Before shots of bridges:


Our winch system was set in place, and volunteers formed "bucket brigades" and used manpower to remove the debris from bridges to the banks for chipping and removal. The removal is performed by Anderson County Highway Department arranged by Road Superintendent Gary Long.

Windrock ATV Club and Volunteer Riders Club members worked on clearing the park all weekend long

One of the homes
hit by storm

Volunteers included:

Ailey, Stephanie

Bailey, Zenith

Bolinger, Tammy

Bostic, Brian

Bostic, Dale

Braden, Kristie

Brown, Steve

Buffington, Buzz

Brown, Margie

Daugherty, Della

Daugherty, Roy

Davis, Reed

Ellis, Danny

Ethridge, Jack

Fritts, Debbie

Fritts, Jr, Herb

Geiger , Richard

Greer, Bob

Harness, Andy

Harness, Joe

Hudgins, Larry

Jenkins, Bob

Jenkins, Mary Jo

Leinart, Jim and 6 volunteer inmates

Lickliter, David

Lickliter, Mike

Marathe, Andy

Marathe, Mrs. Andy

McLucas, Kylene

Moore, Carol

Phillips, Rosemary

Prosise, Casey

Rose, David

Strange, John

Strunk, Brian

Thacker, Barry

Thurman, John

Tinker, Brenda

Toyohara, Hiroshi

Walters, David

Waugh, Elaine

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