August 3, 2002

On a very hot August morning, over 55 volunteers showed up bright and early at Briceville School for their assignments in removing deadwood, debris, and trash from Coal Creek.  This is the second effort since June 2000 in keeping the bridges clear so that Coal Creek keeps flowing smoothly and flooding is prevented. 

Volunteers from the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, American Society of Civil Engineers, Boy Scouts of America, Anderson County, local watershed residents, and others interested in helping the community made a difference at several of the bridges throughout Coal Creek.   Also, we were very proud that Kristie Braden and Rocky Bailey, from the Coal Creek Scholars Program showed up to work on their community service efforts to improve Coal Creek.

Reporter Will Lewis and News Videographer Daniel Beckner from Knoxville's CBS Channel 8 WVLT-TV,  and Anita Feliciano from the Clinton Courier News showed up and "got their feet wet" in Coal Creek.

The bridge across from Briceville School, Drummond Bridge, and Beech Grove bridges were cleared of debris and trash.  Some of the action at Drummond Bridge and Beech Grove can be seen below:

Click on image to enlarge

When volunteers showed up at Drummond Bridge, they found a large tree had fallen across the creek, blocking the flow of Coal Creek.

First thing to do was wade in with chain saws to create more workable size pieces of the tree to be winched out.

Clearing continues

Cameraman Daniel Beckner films the volunteers from his vantage point on top of Drummond Bridge.

David Lickliter's patriotically designed winch really makes a difference in large wood
A large turtle hole was revealed when the tree was removed Barry Thacker and Anderson County volunteers set a large stump for winching

Anderson County Tourism Director Stephanie Ailey and volunteer Chip Wells pick up debris left from tree cleared from creek

Barry Thacker takes time to give new volunteers a history lesson on where Dick Drummond was hung from the railroad bridge during the Coal Creek War.

Eric Hubbard, Mark "Hollywood" Whaley, and Reporter Will Lewis discuss the effort Barry Thacker on camera with Will and Daniel
The winch is moved to Beech Grove where Scott Arwood pulls cable to get to large trees First tree from Beech Grove railroad bridge being winched up the bank
Some of the volunteers from Geo/Environmental Associates:  Mitch Halsey, Jody Barker, Barry Thacker and Scott Arwood Some of the large trees that were backed up against the bridge at Beech Grove
Volunteers preparing the trees for winching under the bridge and up the bank Volunteers taking a break and watching the action below

Some of the trees pulled to top of bank for removal

Jody Barker uses his muscles

As always, the hardworking church ladies of Coal Creek did their part and fed the volunteers some great food after all their hard work.

Thanks to all the volunteers who included:

Ailey, Elaine

Ailey, Stephanie

Anderson County Volunteers (12)

Arwood, Scott

Bailey, Rocky

Bailey, Zenith

Barker, Jody

Beckner, Daniel

Bolinger, Tammy

Braden, Kristie

Brown, Amanda

Brown, Margie

Brown, Steve

Brown, Vera

Daugherty, Della

Daugherty, Ovie

Daugherty, Rev. Roy

Geiger, Dick

Halsey, Mitch

Hayes, Winfrey

Hubbard, Eric

Justice, Bobby

Justice, Drew

Justice, Gwen

Leinart, Jim

Lewis, Will

Lickliter, David

Lickliter, Mike

McLucas, Kylene

McLucas, Linda

Moore, Carol

Oliver, Ken

Phillips, Rosemary

Rhea, Mary

Robinson, Emily

Starnes, Ian

Stokes, Deric

Strait, Amy

Strunk, Brian

Thacker, Barry

Tinker, Brenda

Waugh, Elaine

Wells, Chip

Whaley, Mark

Wilson, Ann

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