Bribing Kids to Read ---
It’s a good thing!!!

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Schnabel Engineering


This is an update on how the Briceville Students are progressing on their reading since the 8 January 2016 Kick-off of the EBR program.   http://www.coalcreekaml.com/EBRkickoffJan2016.htm

If you recall, here’s how it works---Students read books and pass comprehension tests, for which they are awarded points.  Students save their points to purchase prizes, which include Xbox, Play Station 4, tablets, Nintendo DS, iPods, Legos Minecraft, scooters, and balls. 

Some say this is bribing them to read!  Why, YES, it is and it’s working!!!  They are also learning math skills.  We hear that some of them earn points and spend them as fast as they can.  Others earn points and are saving them up to buy a big prize… Sounds exactly like grown-ups and their spending choices!


Here are a few of the kids and the points they are earning by reading books to "purchase" prizes.  Also, here is what we have learned from the Briceville teachers and some of the parents of the students:

Just wanted to let you guys know that Jill, our pre-k teacher came to tell me that she has had parents coming daily (parents who never came before) to pick up the "bag of books" for their children since the Engineering Better Readers program started!

A parent came in the office and asked that we call her child's classroom teacher and ask if she could send extra books to read for EBR.


I have a class full of first graders who hardly put their books down. I have one little guy (and I want you to remember his name because I know he will be one of your scholars one day... Riley Shetterly) who has his eye on a prize, has a plan, and is working so hard to earn his points! He's determined!

He isn't letting a fourth or fifth grader beat him!

I'm so proud and excited about how everything is going now! I just wanted to thank you again for how invested you are in our kids! Please know what a difference you are making! Everywhere we go we have kids holding books or reading logs (to keep up with points). It's amazing!


This is Skyler, he has over 200 points. His reading
level has gone up 5 levels since we started EBR!


Pre-school joined us this year. Studies show that a child needs to hear at least 3000 stories read aloud before they are ready to begin reading instruction. Sadly, very few children are read to at home. Since our pre-schoolers obviously can't read (they are 3 and 4), Ms. Jill is giving points for parents reading to them. They have a "Bag a Book" form that parents fill out as they read to their kids.  Jill said BEFORE this program they rarely had parents even participate in the "Bag a Book" program. Now, they read, read, read all the time. It's incredible! Jill purchased her own prizes that were age appropriate for her kids. I included a note she wrote.

Some are even spending their Saturday's
reading at home!

Thanks to Briceville School
and its great staff
for allowing us to be
part of their school!

We love Coal Creek kids!!



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