"Engineering Better Readers"
(EBR) Kick-Off

Just another day at
Briceville School

 10 February 2012

So, what did you do today? 

At Briceville Elementary School, students were recognized for their achievements by Anderson County Commission, the First Lady of Tennessee, and their U.S. Congressman.  They also learned that a new book being published in Wales will chronicle their efforts to preserve Coal Creek mining history.  Students then made plans to assist award-winning writer Fred Brown with his new book by conducting a ground-penetrating radar study with archaeologists from the University of Tennessee.

Oh, and they kicked-off the reading incentive program, “Engineering Better Readers” where they will earn prizes by becoming avid readers. 

Ms. Fleming’s first graders have browsing boxes full of books in their classroom.  Students who get done with their assignment can take a book from the boxes to read.  According to Ms. Fleming, “When I walked into class after the assembly, I noticed that the browsing boxes were empty.  My students couldn’t wait to get started earning points to win prizes.”

No big deal… for it was just another day at Briceville School.

See follow-up by WATE-TV on May 24, 2012

See photos and videos below!  (Special thanks to Coal Creek Scholar Kyle Leinart who assisted as a photographer during the assembly)


Click on image to enlarge:

Teacher Michelle
LaDue gets us started!

Principal Sandra
Patton and students

Commissioners Zach Bates
& Johnny Alley post banner

Banners BEFORE
"Bedazzling" by
Briceville Students


Reactions of students during unveiling of prizes:

Briceville teachers and staff acted in skits depicting good and not-so-good students and what students can do to improve their study and reading habits to earn points for prizes...

B. Ray Thompson, Jr.
spoke to students about
his growing up in the area

Tim Isbel
reads resolution
honoring students


Elgin Foundation's Tim Rogers, Superintendent of Schools Larry Foster,
Commissioner Tim Isbel

Bonny Copeland &
B. Ray Thompson, Jr.

Singing student

Writer Fred Brown
(We saved the best for last!)
Writer Fred Brown
speaks to students-VIDEO
"Reading will expand your mind
and expand your heart."

Zach Bates

Kippie Leinart &
Bobby McCoy help
display prizes

Barry Thacker, PE,
served as moderator

Patty Bachner with
students viewing prizes

Carol Moore surrounded
by her heroes

Nathan and Jacob are recognized for
winning the Eisteddfod Essay contest

"Teaser" signs were posted the
week before the Kick-Off

Click to view short videos of assembly and one to view WHOLE program posted on YouTube:

List and links to videos posted on YouTube!


Briceville students kick off program and sing school song and pledge


Interview with teacher Michelle LaDue


Teacher Sharon Templin explains decorating of banners by students


Students debut their decorated banners at ceremony


Kids reaction to unveiling of prizes!!


Teacher Michelle LaDue explains how earning points for prizes works


Commissioner Tim Isbel reads us Anderson County Commission Resolution


Briceville teachers perform skits so students can understand the EBR point system --
Segment filmed by Andy Garrett, Anderson Co. Government & Education Television


Patty Bachner from Engineering Better Readers program addresses group


Commissioner Tim Isbel thanks everyone


Commissioner Zach Bates speaks


Student Nehemiah sings us a little song


Superintendent Larry Foster & B. Ray Thompson, Jr. speak


Writer Fred Brown speaks to students -
Segment filmed by Andy Garrett, Anderson Co. Government & Education Television

Do you know that Briceville students provided motivation and assisted in research for a book being written by Dr. Eirug Davies of Harvard University?  That book, The Cymry Welsh of Tennessee, is scheduled for publication in Wales this summer.  Imagine the thrill of reading a book that chronicles the exploits of members of your community from long ago, and students from your school, while earning points to buy a prize.

The Welsh Cymry of Tennessee
(promotional cover)

Anderson County Board of
Commissioners' Resolution presented to
Briceville School by Commissioner Tim Isbel

The EBR program has been pilot-tested at schools in Houston and Newark, (and now Briceville) as described at www.engineersleadership.org/index.cfm?pid=10434.  Patty Bachner from Engineers’ Leadership Foundation attended the kick-off assembly to describe the success of EBR and how it has improved reading scores at other schools.

Anderson County Commissioner, Tim Isbel, presented the school with a resolution at the assembly to recognize its efforts, and those of its students, in preserving the rich coal-mining history of Anderson County.     

Award-winning author and retired Knoxville News Sentinel senior writer Fred Brown explained how a love for reading led to his successful career. 

EBR grading system to be used
at Briceville School
-- PDF File

Crissy Haslam, First Lady of Tennessee, offered
her support for the EBR initiative and expresses
appreciation for the hard work of Briceville
teachers, administrators, staff, and students.


Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, Member of Congress from Tennessee’s 3rd District,
congratulated students and teachers for this fun and innovative way to
promote the importance of reading.


For questions or additional
information, please contact
Carol Moore at (865) 584-0344
Ext. 102 or clmoore@geoe.com

Finally, a new highway historical marker will be proposed to honor Condy Harmon, a Briceville student from long ago.

The EBR initiative is sponsored at Briceville Elementary School by Geo/Environmental Associates, Inc., Coal Creek Watershed Foundation, and Anderson County Schools.

Briceville Elementary School

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