MAY 11, 2001

The Tennessee General Assembly recognized the 5th grade class at Briceville Elementary School for their efforts to preserve the history of Coal Creek.  

The major events studied by the students include:

  1. the Coal Creek War of 1891/1892 where the free miners of Coal Creek are credited with abolishing the convict lease system in the South;
  2. the Fraterville Mine Disaster of 1902 where about 200 men and boys perished; and
  3. the Cross Mountain Mine Disaster of 1911 where 84 men and boys died.

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Tony Thomas and Linda Gunderson performing the songs "Coal Creek War", "When the Mines Grew Still in Fratersville", and others about the history of the Coal Creek Watershed.

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Exploring the bridge where Dick Drummond was hung by the state militia in 1892 during the Coal Creek War with our guests from Channel 10 News.

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Exploring the trench around the site of Fort Anderson on Militia Hill built by the militia during the
Coal Creek War.

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Learning about the Fraterville Mine Disaster at the Fraterville Itinerant Cemetery with our host Mr. Owen Bailey.

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fifth9.JPG (30726 bytes)Josh reading the farewell message left by Jacob Vowell beside his common grave with his son, Elbert, that is next to the grave of little Eddy Vowell at Longfield Cemetery.

fifth10.JPG (32192 bytes)Desiree reading the farewell message of Powell Harmon who is buried next to his 
son Conda.

fifth11.JPG (31133 bytes)Teacher Lora Zahnd being interviewed by Jennifer Mabe and Cameraman Scott Blair of Channel 10 at Longfield Cemetery.

fifth12.JPG (40444 bytes)Cleaning the headstones of Powell Harmon and Conda Harmon with our guest Anita Feliciano from The Clinton Courier News.

fifth13.JPG (38907 bytes)Cleaning the headstones of Jacob, Elbert, and
 Edward Vowell.

fifth14.JPG (39007 bytes)The trash clean-up crew at Longfield Cemetery.

fifth15.JPG (35380 bytes)Descendants of miners killed at Fraterville, including teacher Gladys Stooksbury, in front of the monument in the Miners' Circle of Leach Cemetery.

fifth16.jpg (36510 bytes)Principal Tom Braden receiving the Resolution of the Tennessee Legislature, prepared by Senator Randy McNally, recognizing the accomplishments of the 5th grade class from Briceville School.

fifth17.JPG (35138 bytes)Farewell message of James Elliott from his headstone
at Leach Cemetery.

fifth18.JPG (33593 bytes)

Exploring the cemetery at Briceville Community Church where miners killed at the Fraterville Mine in 1902 and the Cross Mountain Mine in 1911 are buried.

fifth19.JPG (34930 bytes)

Kim, Nick, and Dustin reading farewell messages
of the miners at Briceville Cemetery.

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Special thanks to Bob Stephan and Cracker Barrel for accommodating us during lunch.  Also, thanks to the Knoxville Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers for providing the funding for the trip.

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