7th Annual
Briceville School History Field Trip
18 May 2007

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Briceville School 4th and 5th grade students visited historic sites in the Coal Creek Watershed during our 7thth annual coal mining history field trip.  We visited Drummond Bridge where Dick Drummond was lynched by the Tennessee Militia during the Coal Creek War.  We also toured historic Leach and Longfield Cemeteries where many of the Fraterville Miners are buried.  We stopped by the Lenoir Museum in Norris to view Appalachian history and got a lesson on energy at the TVA Norris Dam.  We finished up with lunch at the Cracker Barrel and then visited Briceville Cemetery.

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Briceville students at Coal Creek
below Drummond Bridge

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Gathering at Drummond Bridge where Dick Drummond was hung during the Coal Creek War.  The students were given bandanas to wear which represented the uniforms of the Coal Creek miners during the Coal Creek War of 1891--1892.
At Leach Cemetery the students located the headstone of Welsh coal miner Rees R. Thomas' son, David R. Thomas.  David donated his father's Welsh book collection to Harvard University Library.

Students gather at the monument erected
in honor of the miners who perished in
the Fraterville Mine Disaster of 1902.


Students visited Lenoir Museum in Norris, TN. 

The museum houses early American displays of thousands of items collected over 60 years by Will G. Lenoir. The Lenoir Museum Cultural Complex houses an 18th Century Gristmill and Threshing barn. Exhibits also include Appalachian artifacts, a pre-dam pictorial account of the area submerged by the lake.
We stopped at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Norris Dam for an energy lesson provided by Barry Thacker.
The students learned that 64% of the electricity in the Tennessee Valley is still provided by coal.

The students relax on the porch of the Cracker Barrel after lunch
Exploring the cemetery at Briceville Community Church where miners killed at the Fraterville Mine in 1902 and the Cross Mountain Mine in 1911 are buried.  Students gathered at the headstone of Eugene Ault who left a message before he died in the Cross Mountain Mine Disaster of 1911.

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