List of identified miners who perished in the Fraterville Mine Disaster on
May 19, 1902

216 men and boys perished.
Itinerant miners were unidentified.

1 Conda Adkins Longfield
2 George W. Adkins Longfield
3 Paul A. Adkins (F) Leach
4 Charles Adkins (S) Leach
5 Robert H. Allen Leach
6 Thomas Allen  
7 A. Hamilton Alred Leach
8 Enoch H. Alred Leach
9 William A. Alred Leach
10 William B. Angel Knoxville
11 Henry C. Beach Longfield
12 Charles Bennett Wilson
13 Conda Bennett Wilson
14 James F. Bennett Longfield
15 Roscoe Brantley Leach
16 Henry C. Brooks Leach
17 James A.  Brooks Leach
18 R.S. W.  Brooks (F) Leach
19 Charley  Brooks (S) Leach
20 James Brooks, Sr.  
21 William Brymer Leach
22 John Bullock, Jr. Murrayville
23 Richard Burke  
24 Charles Carden Disney
25 Charles J. Chapman Leach
26 John C. Chapman Leach
27 Scott Chapman Island Ford
28 P.C. Childress (F) Mt. Harmony
29 James Childress (S) Mt. Harmony
30 John Childress (S) Mt. Harmony
31 William C. Childress (S) Mt. Harmony
32 James F.  Cooper Indian Creek
33 John L. Cooper Indian Creek
34 Thomas Cooper Indian Creek
35 Richard N. Cox Foust
36 William Curnutt Leach
37 A.T. Dabney Longfield
38 Noah Daugherty Leach
39 James  Davidson Welsh
40 Thomas Davis Leach
41 Samuel M. Disney Leach
42 Car D'Zern Leach
43 David D'Zern Leach
44 George  D'Zern Leach
45 John D'Zern Leach
46 Samuel D'Zern Leach
47 S.T.  Eckardt Leach
48 E.J. Elliott  
49 J.M. Elliott Beech Grove
50 James Elliott Leach
51 John Elliott Leach
52 Charley  Evans Island Ford
53 Edward Evans Disney
54 William Evans Island Ford
55 Wm. John Evans Leach
56 William Fielden Wilson
57 Mack C. Foust Leach
58 Frank Gibbs Welsh
59 F. Oscar Goans Leach
60 William R. Goans Leach
61 Levi Goodman  
62 W.B. Goodman Leach
63 James S. Green Longfield
64 John Green  
65 P.C. Green Leach
66 Richard   Green Longfield
67 Preston Griffitts Knoxville
68 William F. Gross Indian Creek
69 Powell Harmon Longfield
70 Charles Hatmaker  
71 Levi Hatmaker Longfield
72 William O.  Hatmaker Leach
73 W.W.  Hays Clinton
74 John Hendren Pleasant Hill
75 Thomas W. Hendren Clinton
76 Alphonso Hensley Leach
77 Bart D. Hightower Starr
78 J.W. Hightower  
79 James P. Hightower Leach
80 George Hill Leach
81 Charles Hutson Indian Creek
82 George S. Hutson Indian Creek
83 W. Scott Hutson Leach
84 James Kindman Welsh
85 James M. Leach Leach
86 Luke Leach Leach
87 William Leach Leach
88 Charles A. Leinart Leach
89 James E. Leinart Leach
90 Thomas Luttrel Leach
91 Thomas Mack Welsh
92 Dan Martin Bradshaw
93 James W. Martin Leach
94 James P. Massengill Knoxville
95 Nicholas Massengill, Jr. Leach
96 Sampson McClain Welsh
97 James E. McDonald Beech Grove
98 B.M. McGhee Leach
99 Thornton McGhee Leach
100 Andrew McKamey Wilson
101 James McKamey Wilson
102 John C. McKamey Wilson
103 William McKamey Wilson
104 J. Clay McKlin Leach
105 Levi McKlin Leach
106 Thomas Mefford Longfield
107 Houston C. Miller Longfield
108 Hugh Miller  
109 Leon C. Miller Jacksboro
110 William  Morgan Beech Grove
111 Oscar Murray Leach
112 William Murray Leach
113 David P. O'Dell Leach
114 Charles R. Orben Leach
115 James Orben  
116 W. Frank Pitman Leach
117 Hillery C. Pittman Leach
118 J. Taylor Pratt Big Valley
119 Robert   Price Beech Grove
120 Thomas Prince Longfield
121 John Redick Mt. Sinai
122 Andrew J. Reynolds Longfield
123 Charles Reynolds  
124 J. Franklin Reynolds Longfield
125 Oscar Reynolds Longfield
126 William Reynolds Longfield
127 Robert M. Rhea Welsh
128 Levi  Riggs Longfield
129 Roy Riggs Longfield
130 Frank Rinehart  
131 Porter Roberson Longfield
132 Walter Roberts Leach
133 William H. Roberts Leach
134 Alex B. Scott Wiley
135 Charles R. Seivers Leach
136 Alex  Sharp Leach
137 Dock Sharp  
138 Frank Sharp Wilson
139 Jacob  Sharp (F) Macedonia
140 Benjamin Sharp (S) Macedonia
141 Roscoe Sharp (S) Macedonia
142 James Slover Leach
143 Samuel Logan Slover Leach
144 William H. Slover (F) Leach
145 John B. Slover (S) Leach
146 Samuel H. Slover (S) Leach
147 Edward Smiddy Longfield
148 Joseph Smiddy Longfield
149 "First" John Smith  
150 R.H. Smith Leach
151 "Red" John Smith (F) Leach
153 Robert Smith (Morristown)  Briceville
152 Forrest Smith (S) Leach
154 Edgar Sorrels Pleasant Hill
155 William Spears Welsh
156 David H. Stansberry Longfield
157 Lewis Stansberry Longfield
158 Andrew Stooksberry Longfield
159 James D.  Strickland Leach
160 Milburn Turner Wilson
161 Charles Vallalay Leach
162 Chesley V. Vandergriff Leach
163 James Vandergriff Longfield
164 Benjamin Vowell  
165 Bannister Vowell (F) Leach
169 Jacob L. Vowell (F) Longfield
166 George  Vowell (S) Briceville
167 Levi Vowell (S) Leach
168 William H. Vowell (S) Leach
170 Elbert Vowell (S) Longfield
171 Charles A. Wallace Leach
172 James H. Wallace Leach
173 James R.  Wallace Leach
174 John C. Wallace Leach
175 W. Earnest Wallace Concord
176 W.G.  Wallace Concord
177 William E.  Wallace Leach
178 William Henry Wallace Leach
179 Elijah M. Weaver Knoxville
180 Sam Weaver Pleasant Hill
181 Conda Webb Longfield
182 W.K. Webb Longfield
183 William J. Webb Longfield
184 Huston M. Webb (F) Longfield
185 Eli  Webb (S) Longfield
186 John  Webber Leach
187 Rufus Webber Leach
188 John White  
189 John M. White Leach
190 James R. Whitton (F) Leach
191 Henry    Whitton (S) Leach
192 Ernest Wilson Leach
193 Marion Wilson Indian Creek
194 R.C.  Wilson Wilson
195 C.C. Wilson, Jr.  
196 C.C.  Wilson, Sr.  
197 Marvin J. Witt Leach
198 William Witt Leach
199 Andrew Woods (F) Longfield
206 Joel Woods (F) Longfield
200 Charles H. Woods (S) Longfield
202 John  Woods (S) Longfield
203 Joseph Yett Welsh

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