Coal Creek Health Day
27 October 2006

All about the health
of the creek and how it
parallels with the health of
the students and their


Students didn't let the rain dampen their fun...the creek critters were temporarily brought inside their gym.

For the sixth annual Coal Creek Health Day, it rained on us, but that didn't stop the students from taking on the rain for a quick visit to the creek to check out the cool beaver dam.  Volunteers from the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation (CCWF), Clinch River Trout Unlimited (TU), and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) concentrated on teaching students how to study the health of Coal Creek that flows right beside their school.  The lessons taught the kids how the health of the creek is determined by studying what lives in it.

Charlie Saylor shows Coal Creek
is home to some healthy fish

Fly tying lessons

We're not afraid of these critters!

Stacy McCloud and
her cameraman from CBS
WVLT-TV in Knoxville with
student representative

We were joined by reporter Stacy McCloud and her cameraman from CBS WVLT-TV in Knoxville.  Also, reporter Bob Fowler from the Knoxville News Sentinel attended and published a story and photos in the newspaper.  Jim Galyon from the Clinton Courier News also joined us.  The Briceville students felt really important to have so many nice folks from the press come to see them!

Bob Fowler from the
Knoxville News Sentinel

Coal Creek flows right alongside Briceville School.  We used it as a living laboratory.  There were demonstrations by TVA personnel, fly-tying and line casting lessons from Clinch River Trout Unlimited members, and bug and fish lessons.  Tables were set up in the school's gym to display fish and critters collected by the students. 

TVA volunteers provided trees for us to plant along two of our bank stabilization projects... one at Briceville School and the other at the Hayes' property.

HUGE thanks to Tiffany Foster (TVA) for acquiring the trees and working with landowners to design the layout for planting the trees!!

Click on the images below to get a glimpse of the fun we had!

See list of the great volunteers that made the day so educational and fun!

Photos in no certain order...

the creek!

Cool fun!

Beaver dam!

Big fish!

Brown, Steve (TU)
Buffington, Buzz (TU)
Geiger, Dick (TU)
Foster, Tiffany (TVA)
McMahan, Denny (TU)
Moore, Carol (CCWF/TU)
Myrick, Tim (TU)
Saylor, Charlie (TVA)
Thacker, Barry (CCWF/TU)
Thurman, John (TU/TVA/CCWF)

Knoxville News Sentinel story and photos

Clinton Courier News photos


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