Coal Creek Sister-Schools
in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, South Wales

Briceville Elementary and Lake City Elementary Schools are sister-schools to
Morfa Junior and Halfway Primary Schools in South Wales.
Below are photographs of their town hall and church and
common links between the schools.

Click on smaller images to enlarge:

Town Hall in Llanelli

Parish Church in Llanelli

Dr. Eirug Davies, Welsh Scholar from Harvard University, presenting a flag of Wales to Briceville School students

Briceville Church
built by immigrant Welsh
coal miners in 1888

Rees R. Thomas was born in
Carmarthen, South Wales and is buried
in Wiley Cemetery in Lake City, TN

Headstone of Rees R. Thomas after
cleaning by Briceville students.
Born in Carmathen, South Wales
(1814 to 1891)

1855 New Testament
(Testament Newydd) that
belonged to Rees R. Thomas

One column of his New Testament
is written in Welsh and the adjacent
column in English.  That's probably
how the Welsh learned English
when they got to America.

Entrance to Welsh Cemetery in the
Wye Community of Coal Creek

Announcement from 1891
Eisteddfod cultural festival
in Chattanooga, TN,
attended by Welsh-Americans
from ten states


Newspaper article from 1936 about the
early Welsh settlers in East Tennessee

John D. Jones born in
Kidwelly, Wales  (1837-1896)
buried in Coal Creek, Tennessee
Headstone in Leach Cemetery

Priscilla Watts Lloyd born at Blanaven, South Wales (1862-1910) buried in Coal Creek, Tennessee -- Headstone in Leach Cemetery

Elizabeth Jones 1828 -- 1898 buried in Jellico, Tennessee (See Welsh hymn on her headstone with translation added)

Eliza Jenkins (1854 -- 1912)
born in Barry, Wales
buried in Williamsburg, KY

Margaret Jones Griffith (1862 -- 1936) born in Barnioth, Wales. Buried in Newcomb, Tennessee

Thomas Griffith born in Pentre, North Wales (1860--1917) Buried in Newcomb, Tennessee

Annie Perry born in Pontypridd, Wales (1848--1912) Buried in Newcomb, Tennessee

Thomas Phillips born in Dowlais, Wales (1843--1895) buried in Oliver Springs, Tennessee

David Griffiths born in Llanelli, Wales (1834--1898) buried in Sale Creek, Tennessee

James T. Williams born at Mydrin, South Wales (1840--1902) buried in Sale Creek, Tennessee

Thomas Roberts born Aberdare, South Wales (1879--1919) buried in Soddy, Tennessee

Abraham Lloyd born in Pontfaen Glamorganshire, Wales (1845--1910) buried in Soddy, Tennessee


Map of United States

Map of East Tennessee

Map of Great Britain

Map of Wales

Coal Creek's Welsh Sister-School celebrates St. David's Day -- March 1, 2005
Below are some photos taken on St. David's Day in Wales at Morfa Junior School.  The movie clip is a short greeting from the pupils. The others are the children dressed in traditional costumes worn to celebrate the country's patron saint St. David.  Their teacher Alistair Crawford told us, "In school we had cawl (soup) and welsh cakes (a flat currant cake).  We then brought in all the foods of Wales: cockles, laverbread (seaweed) cheeses, bara brith ( speckled bread) rissoles ( meat. potato and onion wrapped in a breadcrumb coating) and faggots (A meat food made from offal).  We then had an inter house school quiz on interesting facts of Wales.  Both kids and staff had a good time and everybody enjoyed the banquet." 

Click on the images below:

The pupils in costume

The girls with traditional Welsh food -- Yum!
Short video of greeting from the students
Short video greeting

Activity Update:
MORFA JUNIOR SCHOOL, Olive Street, Morfa, Llanelli
Tel/Fax: 01554 774629 Headteacher:  Mrs. S.C. Powell
Click on image to enlarge

Llanelli Captain visits Morfa Junior School with the Konica Cup

Ioan Cunningham, Captain of the Llanelli RFC, brought the Konica Cup that he and his team won in the Cup Final in the Millennium Stadium at the beginning of this month.

He spent part of the morning with Year 5 children, their teacher and the school’s athrowan bro, Mr. David James. The children were encouraged to ask Ioan questions in Welsh and to listen to the player as he answered the questions in Welsh. It gave the pupils the opportunity to practice their oral welsh language skills. Mr. James encouraged the children to use the phrases and vocabulary that they had been learning in class.

Afterwards Mr. Cunningham met the rest of the school during an assembly where he faced a barrage of questions from the youngsters.

Mrs. Powell, the headteacher, would like to thank Ioan and the management team of the Llanelli Scarlets for assisting in extending the pupil’s opportunities in using their Welsh language skills in such unique and exciting way.

Lake City Elementary 4th and 5th graders get Coal Creek history lesson

Briceville School 4th and 5th graders history lesson

Coal Creek Eisteddfod Literary Competition, May 2005

Courier News article about Sister-Schools -- 16 March 2005

Courier News article about Welsh History Lesson at Briceville School

Knoxville News Sentinel article about Dr. John Kesterson

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