About 100 volunteers broke into crews to complete tasks in Coal Creek on Saturday, April 28th. No shots were fired and nobody took to fightin', which was amazing considering all the candidates for Sheriff in attendance.   Work crews included:
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mark1.JPG (32641 bytes)Steeple-painting crew mark2.JPG (33809 bytes)Ladder-level painting crew (State Representative William Baird laying it on pretty thick)
mark4.JPG (26998 bytes)Ground-level painting crew mark5.JPG (38695 bytes)Step and rail painting crew
mark6.JPG (49942 bytes)Weed-eating crew Clinic cleaning crew
mark8.JPG (53351 bytes)Junk hog-tying crew mark9.JPG (39427 bytes)Tire hog-tying crew
mark10.JPG (50392 bytes)Tire/Junk winching crew mark11.JPG (44932 bytes)Tire/Junk loading crew
mark12.JPG (37715 bytes)Sign posting/cemetery clean-up crew #1 mark13.JPG (45559 bytes)Sign posting/cemetery clean-up crew #2 
mark14.JPG (35400 bytes)Coal Creek volunteers (THE CREW) in front of the freshly painted Briceville Community Church and the spit-shined Briceville People's Clinic mark15.JPG (31422 bytes)The food-eating crew
mark16.JPG (28230 bytes)Special thanks to the church ladies from Briceville who fed THE CREW.  Front row:  Brenda Tinker, Angela Martin, Winfrey Hayes Back row: Della Daugherty, Rosemary Phillips, Ann Wilson, Margie Brown.

Also, thanks to organizations who participated: 

Anderson County agencies (Litter Grant, Sheriff's Office, Solid Waste Department, Highway Department, Project Impact, County Executive's Office, and Emergency Services), Briceville Churches, Briceville Volunteer Fire Department, Longfield Baptist Church, Norris Lions Club, Boy Scout Troop 120, Engineering Explorers Post 904, Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Coal Creek Watershed Foundation.

The Courier News article
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Volunteers included: 

Adkins, Danny

Ailey, Elaine

Austin, Ben

Bailey, Bryan

Baird, State Rep. William

Bolinger, Tammy

Bostic, Brian

Braden, Barry

Brill, Alex

Brill, Cole

Brill, Gary

Brooks, Jane

Brown, Margie

Brown, Steve

Buffington, Charles

Burchfield, Dennis

Byrge, Dustin

Byrge, Jackie

Byrge, Wesley

Byrne, Bob

Byrne, Sean

Carroll, Riley

Cecil, Roger

Christensen, Travis

Cooper, Rodney

Daugherty, Della

Daugherty, Ovie

Daugherty, Rev. Roy

Davis, Hobert

Garcia, Anne

Gibson, Anthony

Gohey, Gary

Goins, Kelly

Gopalan, Yadav

Grabeel, John

Halsey, Mitch

Hardin, A.J.

Hardin, Durwood

Harshbarger, Dean

Hayes, Jim

Hayes, Winfrey

Hensley, Rev. H.C.

Hill, Joan

Holbrook, Michael

Jenkins, James

John, John

Johnson, Brandon

Johnson, Jackie

Jones, Ralph

Justice, Bobby

Justice, Drew

Justice, Gwen

Leach, Lois

Leinart, Carl

Leinart, James

Leinart, Jeremiah

Lickliter, David

Lickliter, Michael

Lickliter, Sheila

Lively, Justin

Luedtke, Caitlyn

Martin, Angela

Miller, John

Mink, Allan

Montgomery, Nancy


Moore, Carol

Murphy, Lester

Ottinger, Gene

Phillips, Rosemary

Poling, Ron

Poore, Glenn

Poore, Robert

Price, Alvin

Raymond, Ron

Rhea, John

Rhea, Justin

Ridenour, Lewis

Scarbrough, Rick

Sewell, Frank

Sexton, Bonnell

Shepherd, Nathan

Sherlin, Rev. Harvey

Smith, Tim

Stokes, Deric

Terry, Eric

Thacker, Barry

Thacker, Julie

Thacker, Mary

Thurman, John

Tinker, Brenda

Watson, Tom

Whaley, Karen

Whaley, Mark “Hollywood”

White, Adam

White, Bill

Wilson, Ann



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