Coal Creek Miners Museum
Spring Cleaning Work Day

Preparing the Museum
to teach the
history of Coal Creek!

11 April 2015

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Volunteers clear ceramic tiles and carpet
to expose the concrete floors

Twenty-nine volunteers, including nine Coal Creek Scholars, gathered to help prepare the new museum building for the future.  The museum will feature lessons in the rich history of Coal Creek and honor the Coal Creek miners and their families and teach the history of coal mining from the mid-1800s to the present, including the innovations and safety measures used today based on lessons learned during the settlement of the area by the Welsh immigrant coal miners, the Coal Creek War, and the Frateville and Cross Mountain mine disasters.

Volunteers cleared out ceramic tile and carpet, removed old wood and debris, swept, dusted, cleaned windows, vacuumed, and cleared the two floors to make ready for future school field trips and tourists.

Our scholars earned credit towards scholarships by performing community service at this fun event. 

Conceptual drawing of future museum

Most of the volunteers gathered after their productive morning of work

Greg Campbell, Ian and Samantha Campbell, and Robert Griffith

Tim Hatmaker, Savannah Eagleton & Ruby Phillips

L to R - Carol Moore, Kim Phillips, Holley Smith, Emily Phillips,
Barry Thacker, Paul Long, Javen Payne & Drew Payne

Coal Creek Scholars volunteering!

Barry Thacker after being stabbed by a nail AND
electrocuted by a live wire!

Anderson County Tourism Director Stephanie Wells
with her helpful son Cade

Austin Stovall, Boomer Winfrey, Robert Griffith,
Luci Bates and Coal Creek Scholar Javen Payne

Charlene and Danny Ellis
Danny is one of our many volunteers from the
Office of Surface Mining (He's retired now)

Ruby Phillips, mother of Coal Creek Scholars
Kim & Emily Phillips


Luci David Bates
Greg Campbell - Father of Coal Creek Scholars
Ian Campbell - Coal Creek Scholar
Samantha Campbell - Coal Creek Scholar
Sydney Campbell - Coal Creek Scholar
Gordon Cox -- Museum Board Member
Janie Cox
Savannah Eagleton -- Briceville volunteer
Charlene Ellis - Wife of Danny - OSM
Danny Ellis - Our longtime OSM friend - retired
Robert Griffith
Tim Hatmaker - Board Member
Tim Isbel - Museum Board Member
Paul Long - Coal Creek Scholar
Mike Lovely
Rocky McLain
Carol Moore - Coal Creek Watershed Foundation
Drew Payne - Coal Creek Scholar
Javen Payne - Coal Creek Scholar
Emily Phillips - Coal Creek Scholar
Kim Philliips - Coal Creek Scholar
Ruby Phillips - Mother of Coal Creek Scholars
Holley Smith - Coal Creek Scholar
Austin Stovall
Gary Tackett - Museum Board Member and the Sentry of Militia Hill
Barry Thacker - Coal Creek Watershed Foundation
Cade Wells
Stephanie Wells - Anderson County Tourism Director & Museum Board Member
Charles Winfrey - Museum Board Member

Carol Moore with Cade Wells, son of
Anderson County Tourism Director
Stephanie Wells

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