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The News Observer - Basin students reclaim mine site 04/25/2018
Norris Bulletin -- Contributions of Coal Creek Watershed Foundation recognized by East TN Preservation Alliance 11/01/2017
The Courier News - Adding to the legacy that is Health Day 11/01/2017
The Courier News -- Read, have fun, and get prizes:  Engineering better readers  09/27/2017

Coal Creek Artifacts join Davy Crockett's Rifle at Museum of East Tennessee History -- 8 September 2017

View the whole event taped by Coal Creek Scholar Andy Harness at


WBIR-TV Knoxville joined us and produced a segment at 

Heather Miller wrote a wonderful article about the historical significance of the upcoming event in the current issue of The Courier News as shown at

The Courier News 12/21/2016
Welcome back scholars
The Courier News 19 October 2016
County wants Coal Creek back in class
The Courier News 12 October 2016
Tennessee Minutia?

WBIR-TV story (PDF)

Associated Press -- San Francisco Chronicle Story (PDF)

The Courier News 07 August 2016
Educators receive first hand look at Coal Creek History
The Courier News 17 January 2016
Engineering better readers in Briceville
The Courier News 20 December 2015
Reclaiming Hope
The Courier News 11 October 2015
Education in our community -- Briceville
The Courier News 28 December 2014
Advice and encouragement for the future
The Courier News 21 December 2014
Giving Hope -- Carol Moore is Starfish recipient
Knoxville News Sentinel 19 December 2014
'Starfish Award' presented to scholarship supporter
The Oak Ridger 18 December 2014
Moore wins Starfish Award for helping others
Knoxville News Sentinel 09 September 2014
Two towns take 2 roads to the future -- Briceville, Rocky Top struggle
The Associated Press -- 26 August 2014
2 Ex-Mining Towns Try to Change Their Fortunes
The Courier News 25 May 2014
Bucking Tradition - Coal Creek Watershed awards unusual scholarship
The Courier News 29 December 2013
Coal Creek Scholars - 'Never forget where you came from...' but go as far as an education will take you
The Courier News 27 October 2013
Here's to your 'Health'
Knoxville News Sentinel 8 September 2013
Coal Creek Miners' Museum to preserve community's history
The Clinton Courier News 1 September 2013
Selling tourism for the county
The Clinton Courier News 1 September 2013
From one hand to another Briceville Library is moved

Knoxville News Sentinel 14 August 2013
In my lifetime
The Courier News 30 June 2013
Briceville shows up for Lynette Seeber
The Courier News 30 June 2013
How to win a scholarship... In the first grade
The Courier News 19 May 2013
And finally... Peace in Coal  Creek
Knoxville News Sentinel 18 May 2013
'Peace Treaty' signed to end war in Coal Creek
Knoxville News Sentinel 10 December 2012
Foundation Helping Kids in Coal Creek

VIDEO OF LECTURE!! Good news!!! Thanks to Adam H. Alfrey of the East TN History Center, Eirug Davies' lecture is now up and live on ETHS' YouTube Channel. The recording, which lasts about an hour, can be accessed by clicking here. 7 December 2012

Listen to PODCAST of Dr. Eirug Davies' interview with WUOT's Chrissy Keuper
7 December 2012
WBIR-TV NBC Channel 10 Knoxville -- 28 November 2012
Historic Anderson Co. church gets a facelift | Arts & Culture
The Courier News -- 4 November 2012
Oh, go jump in a (Coal) Creek
Engineering News Record Magazine  -- October 2012
Reclaiming more than riverbanks
The Courier News 28 October 2012
A Haunting in Briceville & Coal Creek Scholars in Engineering News Record magazine
Knoxville News Sentinel  10/27/2012
Coal life exam expanded to education - Coal Creek Health Day a keeper despite controversial beginning
Engineering Better Readers Program Follow-up on TV
See follow-up by WATE-TV on May 24, 2012
The Courier News 1 April 2012
Grace in death
The Courier News 19 February 2012
Engineering better readers in Briceville
Coal People Magazine  January/February 2012
Message from the Darkness
The Courier News 11 December 2011
A miners' legacy (PDF)
The Knoxville News Sentinel 10 December 2011
Unearthing memories (PDF)   and online at
TELEVISION:  NBC - WBIR-TV John Henry, Multimedia Journalist 9 December 2011
100 years later, East TN remembers mine disaster
The Knoxville News Sentinel 4 December 2011
The cries of widows and children - Briceville marks 100 years since explosion tore community apart AND
Friday's Cross Mountain Mine centennial includes ceremonies, tours
The Courier News 13 November 2011
Messages from the past...Messages for the future
The Courier News 13 November 2011
Fraterville mine disaster alters a community
The Courier News 06 November 2011
Coal Creek Health Day 2011 and Dream Contest Winners
The Oak Ridger -- 26 October 2011
Oak Ridge historians get a crash course in Coal Creek history
The Tennessee Magazine -- October 2011
Doomed miners take time to write poignant farewells
The Tennessee Magazine -- September 2011
HISTORY LESSON -- Miners went to war against state government in Coal Creek
Geo-Strata Engineering Magazine
Scholars Program featured in Geo-Strata Magazine May-June 2011
The Courier News 05/29/11
Six receive $40,000 in scholarships from Coal Creek Watershed Foundation
Knoxville News Sentinel 10/23/10
Briceville building, cemetery put on National Register of Historic Places
Knoxville News Sentinel 04/13/10
New life at old strip mine:  Students plant trees as part of reclamation effort
The Courier News 01/10/10
Foundation marks 10 years of working for the kids
The Clinton Courier News 12/27/09
The most valuable day of the year -- Scholars return to their roots to inspire others
Knoxville News Sentinel 10/24/09
Briceville students study creek to see science in action
Clinton Courier News 07/12/09
Respect and responsibility
Knoxville News Sentinel 05/08/09
Project rooted in history
Clinton Courier News 02/22/09
Chestnut nursery
Clinton Courier News 02/15/09
Trout fry experiment
Knoxville News Sentinel 12/20/08
Coal Creek grads return to help
University of Tennessee Daily Beacon  04/14/08
Restoration of razed areas takes root in Appalachia



The Clinton Courier News 03/19/08
Volunteers plant trees they know will die in hopes of restoring chestnuts
The Knoxville News Sentinel 03/15/08
Seeds of transformation
The Knoxville News Sentinel 03/10/08
Restoring forests at mines takes root
The Courier News 03/09/08
Bringing back the Redwoods of the East
The Courier News 01/13/08
Sharp earns all-state honors
The Courier News 12/09/07
What the future may bring
Coal Creek scholars aim to inspire future generations
The Courier News 12/19/07
Sharp shines as all-star
UT Daily Beacon 11/01/07
Faculty assists in excavation
The Clinton Courier News 10/31/07
The future looks for the past
The Knoxville News Sentinel  10/27/07
Digging for lost history
The Courier News 07/01/07
Design group unveils first look at coal mining museum
The Knoxville News Sentinel 06/30/07
Coal-mining museum plans advance
The Oak Ridger 06/07/07
Coal Creek Watershed Foundation awards scholarships to students
The Knoxville News Sentinel 06/05/07
Tapping tourist dollars
The Courier News 05/23/07
Remembering the miners from 1902
The Courier News  04/18/07
Three chosen as Coal Creek Scholars
The Courier News  04/04/07
Heartbreak at Longfield Cemetery
The Knoxville News Sentinel 04/03/07
Vandalism hinders cemetery tour plans
The Oak Ridger 04/03/07
Historic miners cemetery vandalized
The Courier News 03/21/07
Maybe trash pickup can affect attitudes, also
The Courier News 03/11/07
Miners' museum designers offering thrills, knowledge
The Courier News 02/28/07
Giving life to Coal Creek
The Courier News 02/25/07
Gearing up for windy visitors (former Briceville student Jonathan Sharp on basketball team)
The Courier News 02/25/07
Project Runway -- Anderson County High School style (Former Briceville students featured)
The Courier News 01/07/07
Dreams can come true
The Courier News 01/03/07
New life planned for Coal Creek
The Courier News 12/27/06
The health of Coal Creek
The Courier News 10/29/06
Coal Creek Health Day
Knoxville News Sentinel 10/28/06
Briceville pupils check out Coal Creek
The Oak Ridger 08/15/06
Part 2:  Coal Creek/Lake City:  Coal Miner's Museum, historical trails
The Oak Ridger 08/08/06
Part 1:  Coal Creek/Lake City: Coal Miner's Museum, historical trails
The Knoxville News Sentinel 07/07/06
Battle for preservation
The Courier News 06/28/06
Digging history
The Courier News 05/31/06
Surprise and excitement -- CCWF Scholars reflect their heritage
The Courier News 05/21/06
Historic Highway
The Knoxville News Sentinel 05/20/06
Road sign honors 216 lost miners
The Courier News 05/14/06
The "Class" of 2006
The Courier News 05/14/06
Section of Hwy. 116 to be renamed
The Courier News 04/02/06
A dark history lesson
The Courier News 03/29/06
More than 300 bags of trash collected during "Coal Creek Cleaning Day"
The Knoxville News Sentinel 01/04/06
Elementary students get lesson on college
The Courier News 01/01/06
Signing over History
The Courier News 12/25/05
Coal Creek Foundation to get 86 acres of land
The Oak Ridger 12/23/05
Land donated to Coal Creek Foundation
The Knoxville News Sentinel 12/23/05
Land donation secures piece of mine history
The Courier News 10/30/05
Coal Creek Health Day
The Knoxville News Sentinel 10/7/05
1911 mine disaster still haunts
The Courier News 08/31/05
Historic church gets $80,000 facelift
The Courier News 08/31/05
Walking in their footsteps
The Courier News 08/24/05
LC's Wilson has a dream
The Courier News 07/10/05
Science Camp
The Knoxville News Sentinel 06/13/05
Welsh traditions mold renowned Knox surgeon
The Courier News 05/22/05
Miners' Circle Dedicated
The Courier News 05/22/05
Dugger recognized at LMU Ceremony
The Oak Ridger 05/20/05
Amy Dugger recognized at LMU awards ceremony
The Knoxville News Sentinel 05/20/05
Miners' resting place makes national registry
The Oak Ridger 05/20/05
Fraterville Miners dedication
The Knoxville News Sentinel 4/25/05
Grant helps but won't fully restore landmark
The Courier News 4/24/05
Briceville's Ashley Sharp is recipient of Nantglo scholarship
The Courier News 4/20/05
Preserving family history
The Norris Bulletin 4/14/05
David James Donates $5,000 to Aid in Restoration of Historic Briceville Church
The Knoxville News Sentinel 4/4/05
Mayor seeks land swap for coal miners' museum
The Oak Ridger 4/1/05
Musicians to perform as Fraterville Miners' Circle named to National Register of Historic Places May 19
The Norris Bulletin 3/31/05
Miners' Circle Dedication Ceremony to Feature Abundant Local Talent
The Knoxville News Sentinel 3/27/05
Banking on tourists
The Courier News 3/23/05
Backbone of an industry
The Courier News 3/23/05
Cleanup in Briceville
The Courier News 3/16/05
Kindred spirits an ocean away
LaFollette Press 1/27/05
Miners' Circle becomes part of American history
The Courier News 1/23/05
Fraterville miners now have historic resting place
The Tennessean 1/20/05
Graves circle added to historic places register
The Norris Bulletin 1/20/05
Fraterville Miners' Circle Placed on National Register of Historic Places
Volunteer Times 1/19/05
Fraterville memorial placed on National Register of Historic Places
The Oak Ridger 1/19/05
Miners' Circle in cemetery named to National Register
Knoxville News Sentinel 1/18/05
Fraterville Miners' Circle placed on historic register
The Courier News 1/2/05
Always something you can do to help community
The Courier News 12/22/04
Beating the odds
Volunteer Times 11/24/04
Volunteers needed for Coal Creek
The Courier News 11/24/04
Volunteers needed to help honor an old volunteer
The Oak Ridger 11/5/04
Coal Creek stories requested for new book
Knoxville News Sentinel 10/28/04
Coal Creek Health Day is this Friday
The Oak Ridger 10/8/04
Volunteer Carol Moore honored nationally
The Knoxville News Sentinel 10/6/04
Volunteer honored for ongoing efforts
The Courier News 9/29/04
Area alumnus crowned LMU homecoming queen
Knoxville News Sentinel 9/23/04
Volunteer wins national conservationist award
Norris Bulletin  9/23/04
Anderson County's Carol Moore is Recipient of 2004 National Trout Unlimited Volunteer Conservationist Award
The Courier News 9/22/04
Tennessee Volunteer -- Moore recognized for conservation work
Knoxville News Sentinel 9/16/04
Anderson readies for rising wind, water
LaFollette Press 9/16/04
Volunteers needed to help restore cemetery
Coal People Magazine September 2004
The Coal Creek Project
Norris Bulletin  9/9/04
Volunteers and Equipment needed for Wilson Cemetery Restoration Project
Volunteer Times 9/1/04
Illinois subscriber thanks Times for Briceville Cemetery article
Reviving Coal Creek Tennessee
The Norris Bulletin  8/26/04
Volunteers Needed to Restore Historic Briceville Cemetery
Boy Scout Cory Adkins Helps Restore Historic Briceville Cemetery
The Oak Ridger  8/13/04
Volunteers needed to restore historic AC church cemetery
The Norris Bulletin  8/12/04
Volunteers Needed to Restore Historic Briceville Cemetery
Volunteer Times  8/11/04
Volunteers needed to restore historic Briceville cemetery
The Norris Bulletin  7/29/04
First Pitch Thrown at the Simpson Memorial Ballpark in 48 years...
The Courier News 7/21/04
Unveiling the new park
LaFollette Press  7/15/04
Briceville homecoming park dedication is July 17
Volunteer Times  7/14/04
Briceville to dedicate park
Volunteer Times  7/14/04
UT Summer engineering camp held for Lake City Middle School students
The Courier News  7/11/04
Not your typical summer activity
Knoxville News Sentinel 7/9/04
Historic Simpson baseball field to be dedicated
Volunteer Times  7/7/04
Dedication ceremony for restored Briceville ballpark on July 17th
Chattanooga News Free Press  6/17/04
Production highlights local mining culture
Chattanooga News Free Press  6/17/04
Mining culture, tragedy portrayed
Knoxville News Sentinel 6/10/04
Free performance spotlights Fraterville mine disaster
Norris Bulletin  6/10/04
Free Performance of Play:  Measured in Labor: The Coal Creek Project
The Oak Ridger  6/4/04
Intermission Cover
The Oak Ridger  6/4/04
Coal Creek play presented free
Volunteer Times 6/2/04
Minerals, mines, museums and a play about a local mining disaster
The Norris Bulletin  5/27/04
4th Annual Briceville School History Field Trip
The Norris Bulletin  5/27/04
Nutty Professor Recruits Coal Creek Students for Science and Engineering Summer Camp
The Norris Bulletin  5/27/04
Measured in Labor:  The Coal Creek Project Performed Free for Communities in TN and KY
The Norris Bulletin  5/20/04
102nd Anniversary of the May 19, 1902 Fraterville Mine Disaster
The Norris Bulletin  5/20/04
Four Scholarships Awarded by Coal Creek Watershed Foundation
The Courier News  5/19/04
Fraterville Mine Disaster tour
Knoxville News Sentinel  5/18/04
Anderson County High School student awarded $10,000 Nantglo Scholarship
The Oak Ridger  5/17/04
Anderson County High seniors win four Nantglo scholarships
The Norris Bulletin  5/13/04
Kaycie Billings and Friends Labor to Restore Historic Wilson Cemetery
The Knoxville News-Sentinel 5/9/04
Prints of Wales
The Oak Ridger 5/5/04
Miner's book brings Welshman to Briceville
The Courier News 5/5/04
A bit of Harvard Yard on the banks of Coal Creek
Oak Ridger  4/30/04
Overgrown cemetery needs cleanup
Norris Bulletin  4/29/04
A Rare Opportunity to Learn about Welsh Ancestry, Coal Mining, and the Iron Industry in Pre-statehood Tennessee
MetroPulse  4/29/04
Measured in Labor:  The Coal Creek Project
Volunteer Times  4/28/04
Volunteers needed to restore historic Wilson Cemetery
Volunteer Times  4/21/04
Knoxville Play Honors Memory of Local Miners
The Courier News  4/14/04
Coal Creek Watershed Foundation offers free bus tour
The Courier News  4/7/04
Black Box Theatre will present play on Coal Creek on June 12 in L.C.
The Norris Bulletin  3/25/04
Coal Creek Scholars Visit University of Tennessee Chattanooga
The Courier News  3/21/04
Learn about Coal Creek
LaFollette Press 3/18/04
Mine disaster anniversary observance set for May 15
The Norris Bulletin  3/18/04
Fraterville Disaster and Knoxville Actors Co-op Original Play
The Courier News 3/17/04
Picnic pavilion slated for rebuilt Briceville Park
The Knoxville News-Sentinel 1/3/04
Tennessee Volunteers


Engineering Better Readers Program Follow-up on TV
See follow-up by WATE-TV on May 24, 2012
October 26, 2007:  Briceville students dig for clues to the past:  NBC WBIR-TV Knoxville filmed a segment on the day.
October 26, 2007:  Coal Creek Days Lets Young Students Investigates Nature, History segment aired on CBS WVLT-TV Knoxville.  Reporter Allison Hunt and videographer Nate filmed the segment at Briceville School on Coal Creek Health Day and Briceville Opera House archaeological dig.
May 19, 2007:  105th Anniversary of the Fraterville Mine Disaster.  On the 105th anniversary of the Fraterville Mine Disaster, over 140 descendants and friends attended a free tour of several of the historic mine disaster sites.  NBC WBIR-TV Knoxville filmed a segment on the day.  Watch video by NBC WBIR-TV
October 27, 2006:  Coal Creek Health Day segment aired on CBS WVLT-TV Knoxville.  Reporter Stacy McCloud and her cameraman visited and did a great story with the kids!
July 28, 2005:  Coal Creek Science and Engineering Camp at University of Tennessee.  Ken Schwall and his videographer Josh from NBC WBIR-TV Knoxville news, produced a news segment about the camp and saw how synthetic tissues are preserved through cryogenics.  Tony also conducted an experiment showing what happens when you throw a rubber ball, frozen using liquid nitrogen, against the floor.  Students told what they learned at camp and described their career goals.

May 19, 2005,  DEDICATION CEREMONY FOR LISTING OF FRATERVILLE MINERS’ CIRCLE ON THE NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES -- A very special day with the descendants of the Fraterville miners and friends in Coal Creek for the Dedication Ceremony of the Fraterville Miners’ Circle’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places.  Knoxville CBS Channel 8 Newsman Eric Waddell joined us at the ceremony and provided coverage of the events on WVLT-TV.

October 29, 2004: Coal Creek Health Day at Briceville School.  The weather even turned out great!   Knoxville’s CBS Channel 8 WVLT-TV reporter Stacy McCloud and her cameraman Chad McDaniels visited the school and got some great interviews with the kids and volunteers.  Being on television or in the news always boosts the confidence of the Coal Creek students. 

July 17, 2004, WATE-TV, Channel 6 News (ABC affiliate) Photojournalist Garrett Gooch covered the unveiling of the memorial wall by Ms. Curnutt and Ms. Poore, and the throwing out of the first pitch by Mr. Owen Bailey, as the newly restored Briceville Park was officially dedicated.  Details of the event can be found at
November 14, 2003, Channel 6, WATE-TV, Knoxville’s ABC affiliate, produced a news story on our water quality projects in Coal Creek.  Reporter Tearsa Smith discussed the orange water coming from the old abandoned mine lands throughout Coal Creek.
On October 28, 2003, just in time for Halloween, reporter Beth Haynes and photojournalist Jim Martin from Knoxville's NBC Channel 10 WBIR-TV's "Live at Five" filmed a report with Barry Thacker and the kids from Briceville School telling ghost stories about the Coal Creek miners. We then took Beth and Jim to Blue Hole in Tennessee Hollow, Miners Circle Cemetery, Drummond Bridge, and the Old Convict Mine.
Reporter Kiley Yarbrough and Photojournalist Shane Day visited the first day of the Briceville Summer Reading / Book Bag Program.  The kids and the program were Kiley’s weekly feature shown on Knoxville’s CBS Channel 8 WVLT-TV Volunteer News June 11, 2003 during their 5:30 to 6:30pm news hour.
On Monday, May 19, 2003 -- the 101st anniversary of the Fraterville Mine Disaster -- the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation sponsored a history field trip for 4th and 5th grade Briceville School students.  To view photos and results: , CBS-TV Knoxville, TN affiliate WVLT Channel 8 ran a feature news segment filmed by reporter Kiley Yarbrough and photojournalist Hugh Williamson, who accompanied us on our field trip.  
On April 10, 2003, with all the rain and threats of flooding going on in East Tennessee right now, Knoxville NBC WBIR-TV Channel 10 produced a segment on their news about Coal Creek.  The segment was about how Coal Creek has not flooded since the beginning of the volunteer efforts three years ago.  Reporter Jennifer Mabe and Cameraman Brian Holt spent the morning in Coal Creek.  They got shots of the creek and how it is doing with all this rain, an interview with Briceville Principal Tom Braden on how flooding has affected the school and the community in the past, and my thoughts on how all the great volunteers have helped prevent the flooding by removing deadwood and debris as a volunteer effort.   Basically, a story of how communities can take care of themselves.  Channel 10 news at 6:00 and 11:00pm,  and on their repeat newscast on Comcast cable channel 21 – 10 News 2 – throughout the evening.
December 9, 2002, the 91st anniversary of the Cross Mountain Mine Disaster in Coal Creek, where 89 men and boys were in the mine when it exploded.  84 men died, but 5 were rescued 58 hours later after barricading themselves into a room.  ( ).  Barry Thacker and I got to take Ms. Carroll’s fourth grade class from Briceville School on a little history field trip in honor of the miners killed in Cross Mountain.  Knoxville’s NBC Channel 10 WBIR-TV’s Live-at-Five reporter Kay Watson and Cameraman Scott Liston, along with The Clinton Courier’s reporter Anita Feliciano accompanied us on the trip.  Singers Tony Thomas and Linda Gunderson played their special mountain music that told the stories of the Coal Creek War, Fraterville Mine Disaster,and the Cross Mountain Mine Disaster.
On November 24, 2002, Barry Thacker was interviewed at Knoxville's ABC Channel 6 WATE-TV.  The station ran a short segment on tonight's news at 6:00 and 11:00 pm.  The segment by reporter Denae D'Arcy and cameraman Herb Goss was about the Cross Mountain Mine explosion in Coal Creek on December 9, 1911.  It compared that rescue with the Quecreek Mine rescue in Pennsylvania.  The movie about Quecreek was shown on this night.  Barry discussed how 84 men and boys perished in the Cross Mountain explosion, but 5 were rescued after 58 hours.  Cross Mountain was the first successful mine rescue organized by a U.S. government agency.
Saturday, October 12, 2002 was the first volunteer work day to start restoring the old Briceville Ball Park.  Reporter Will Lewis and Photojournalist Jason did a report for Knoxville's CBS Channel 8 WVLT-TV news.  They interviewed Misters Owen Bailey and Glenn Poore who used to play ball at the park back in its heyday.  Their news segment was seen by an anonymous foundation who donated $30,000 to the restoration project.
Reporter Will Lewis and News Videographer Daniel Beckner from Knoxville's CBS Channel 8 WVLT-TV did a nice segment during their news reports for Coal Creek Deadwood Removal Day 2002 on August 3, 2002.
Radio news report by Sam Brown, WNOX Knoxville.  Story was picked up by ABC news radio, National Public radio covering the 100th anniversary of the Fraterville Mine Disaster.
Knoxville WVLT CBS TV report by Kylie Niles on the Fraterville Mine Disaster 100th Anniversary memorial service May 19, 2002
Knoxville WATE ABC TV segment by reporter Yvette Martinez covering 100th Anniversary of the Fraterville Mine Disaster  May 18, 2002
Knoxville WBIR NBC "Live at Five" segment covering the Briceville School fifth graders field trip for Battle of Fatal Rock.  Tara Lynn coverage of 100th Anniversary of Fraterville Mine Disaster  May 10, 2002
Knoxville WBIR NBC "Live at Five" segment covering the Coal Creek Health Days at Briceville School on October 26, 2001
Knoxville WVLT-TV CBS and FOX-43 TV Local News segment on Clinch River Clean-up Day arranged by Coal Creek volunteers from the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited June 23, 2001
Knoxville WBIR-TV NBC Local News segment on Briceville School 5th grade field trip -- shown on May 11 and 12, 2001 -- Reported by Jennifer Mabe and Cameraman Scott Blair 
Knoxville WVLT-TV CBS Local News segment on Coal Creek Mark the Trail day April 28, 2001
Knoxville Fox 43 - WKCH-TV Local news segment on Coal Creek Mark the Trail day April 28, 2001
Knoxville WBIR-TV 'Live at Five' segment featuring Coal Creek Discovery Day on August 22, 2000 with the kids of Briceville Elementary School -- Reported by Tara Lynn
Knoxville WVLT-TV NEWS - June 24, 2000:  Segment featuring Deadwood Removal Day
Knoxville WVLT-TV NEWS - July 10, 2000:  Segment featuring Briceville and Coal Creek
C-SPAN Democratic National Platform Committee -- July 6, 2000 St. Louis, MO -- Barry Thacker, PE testifies before committee members
History Channel -- two features on chain gangs, prison lease systems, Coal Creek war



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