Coal Creek News Articles
2000 through 2002

The Knoxville News Sentinel 12/15/02
Life is tough row along Coal Creek
The Courier News 12/11/02
Crossing time
The Courier News 11/13/02
Ball park workday set for Briceville
The Norris Bulletin 11/14/02
Tornado provides new direction for Briceville Ballpark work day
The Norris Bulletin 11/14/02
Robert Glen Poore, 71, Dies in Storm
The Norris Bulletin 11/14/02
Urgent Deadwood Removal Needed in Coal Creek Area
The Norris Bulletin 11/7/02
Second Briceville Ballpark Workday Scheduled
The Norris Bulletin 11/7/02
Santa Claus returns to Coal Creek
The Courier News 8/14/02
Clean creeks, clean water
The Oak Ridger 8/9/02
Briceville singing tonight benefits ball field
The Norris Bulletin 8/8/02
Coal Creek Deadwood Removal Day 2002
The Knoxville News Sentinel 8/2/02
Decades have not dimmed memory of area's mining disasters
The Courier News 7/31/02
Fishing for tires in the Clinch
The Courier News 7/3/02
CCWF, Project Impact honored
The Courier News 7/3/02
That's Rex, our county exec
The Oak Ridger 7/1/02
Foundation, project recognized for Coal Creek work
2002 Aquatic Resource Preservation Award Announced
The Norris Bulletin  6/13/02
Coal Creek Watershed Foundation Partner Activities: Kids Fish Free/Miller Island Day
The Norris Bulletin 6/13/002
Coal Creek receives $200,000 grant
The Courier News  6/12/02
Learning to fish
The Courier News  6/2/02
Scout honors disaster victims
The Norris Bulletin  5/30/02
Coal Creek History Field Trip
The Knoxville News Sentinel 5/27/02
Anderson gets grant
The Knoxville News Sentinel  5/26/02
Fraterville Mine anniversary elicits thoughts, memories
The Courier News  5/22/02
County has received $200,000 EPA grant
The Courier News 5/22/02
On holy ground
The Oak Ridger 5/21/02
AC gets $200K for Coal Creek aid
The Knoxville News Sentinel 5/20/02
Remembering Fraterville's dead
The Louisville Courier-Journal  5/19/02
Victims' kin mark mine-blast centennial
1902 explosion left hundreds dead in Tennessee
The Nashville Tennessean 5/19/02
Descendants gather to remember mine disaster victims
Atlanta Independent Media Center  5/19/02
Memorial service marks the 100th anniversary of the Fraterville Mine Disaster
Daily Telegraph Bluefield-Princeton, WV  5/19/02
'Oh God, for one more breath'
Cable News Network (CNN) 5/18/02
Mining disaster remembered 100 years later
Charleston, WV Daily Mail  5/18/02
'Oh God, for one more breath'
The LaFollette Press  5/16/02
Coal Creek group receives ETHS award
The Oak Ridger 5/16/02
Dying miners wrote their final farewells
The Oak Ridger 5/15/02
Disaster in Anderson County: Sunday marks 100th anniversary of Fraterville Mine Explosion
The Courier News 5/15/02
The Battle of Fatal Rock
The Courier News  5/12/02
Who will remember May 19, 1902?
The Knoxville News Sentinel 5/12/02
Oh God, for one more breath
The Knoxville News Sentinel May 10 and 11, 2002
Advertisements for May 12, 2002 Fraterville 100th anniversary article
The Oak Ridger 5/10/02
Coal mining history preservation efforts awarded
The Norris Bulletin  5/9/02
Coal Creek Watershed Spruce-up Day 2002
The East Tennessee Historical Society Award
Coal Creek Watershed Foundation Announces First Scholarship Recipient
The Knoxville News Sentinel 5/6/02
Volunteers needed for church cleaning
The Knoxville News Sentinel 5/5/02
Descendants of Fraterville Mine disaster victims mark 100 years
The Oak Ridger 5/3/02
Events will commemorate Fraterville mine explosion
The LaFollette Press  5/2/02
Fraterville to mark 100th anniversary of mining disaster
The Courier News 5/1/02
Amy Dugger gets first Coal Creek scholarship
The Courier News  4/24/02
Earth Day
The Oak Ridger 4/23/02
Work at Briceville garners "Make a Difference" honor
The Courier News  4/14/02
Fraterville disaster anniversary activities planned
The Norris Bulletin 4/11/02
100th Anniversary Activities Fraterville Coal Mine Disaster, Coal Creek, Anderson Co., TN
The Courier News 3/27/02
Fraterville Meeting
The Oak Ridger 3/27/02
Fraterville mining disaster nears 100th anniversary
The Courier News 3/20/02
It's a wash
The Knoxville News Sentinel 3/20/02
Editorial Page:  Fighting the area floods
The Knoxville News Sentinel 3/19/02
Deluge proves worth of work on flood-prone Coal Creek
Village Connection 3/6/02
Founder of Coal Creek Watershed Foundation inspires young WATeR
The Oak Ridger 2/19/02
Minister to talk about experiences at radar base
Loudon County News Herald  02/13/02
Watershed group plans annual meeting
The Norris Bulletin 11/8/01
Coal Creek Health Days Held in Conjunction with USA Today's Make a Difference Day
The Clinton Courier News 10/21/01
Math-a-Thon for St. Jude
The Clinton Courier News October 2001
Reminders of Anderson's rich coal mining history
The Clinton Courier News 10/10/01
Justice on the "Path to Excellence"
The Norris Bulletin 9/27/01
Volunteers Still Needed
The Norris Bulletin 9/27/01
Coal Creek Make a Difference Days
Briceville Graduates Receive Assistance
The Knoxville News Sentinel 9/23/01
Briceville Elementary Note from the Principal Tom Braden
The Knoxville News Sentinel 9/23/01
Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited wins national award
The LaFollette Press 9/20/01
Local TU chapter honored
The Norris Bulletin 9/20/01
New photo discovered
Volunteers Needed for Briceville Bank Stabilization Project
The Clinton Courier News 9/19/01
Volunteer effort helps clean river
The Knoxville News Sentinel 9/9/01
Coal Creek bank workday set for Sept. 22
The Clinton Courier News 9/9/01
Volunteers needed for creek project in Briceville Sept. 22
The LaFollette Press 9/6/01
Volunteers needed for stabilization project
The Norris Bulletin  8/30/01
A stamp in honor of coal miners
The Norris Bulletin  8/30/01
Volunteers Needed for Coal Creek Bank Stabilization Project
The Oak Ridger 8/30/01
Grant secured for Briceville creek bank project
The Norris Bulletin 8/23/01
Coal Creek Make a Difference Days
The Norris Bulletin 8/23/01
Briceville Community Meeting
The Clinton Courier News 8/22/01
Project Impact presents check at Briceville meeting
Knoxville News Sentinel Anderson County 8/19/01
Federal agency contributes $13,360 toward flood control
LaFollette Press 8/16/01
Coal Creek banks to be stabilized
LaFollette Press 8/16/01
Legacy of Coal Creek miners to be topic tonite
The Clinton Courier News 8/15/01
Briceville creek stabilization project to begin with public meeting August 21
The Clinton Courier News 8/12/01
Spreading the legacy of Coal Creek
The LaFollette Press 8/9/01
Legacy of Coal Creek miners to be meeting topic
The Oak Ridger 8/9/01
Anderson County Bicentennial
The Oak Ridger 8/9/01
Remember our mining past; sign the petition for a new stamp
The Clinton Courier News 8/1/01
Giving the good news and the bad
The Clinton Courier News 7/29/01
A coal miner's daughter looks ahead
A positive influence
Geo-Strata Magazine July 2001
Solving Socio-economic Problems using Geotechnical Engineering Skills
The Knoxville News Sentinel 7/21/01
Make your family times memorable
Hope and Hard Work:  Making a Difference in the Eastern Coal Region June 2001
Combining local common sense with modern technology
The Clinton Courier 6/27/01
Coal Creek spreads its history
ASFE Newslog MAY/JUNE 2001 
Inspiring Progress in Coal Creek
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 5/18/01
Coal mine disaster haunts Tennessee city
Date spotlights fight for safety
The Norris Bulletin 5/10/01
Historic Fraterville Mine Disaster Field Trip 2001
The Clinton Courier News 5/13/01
History brought to life for Briceville 5th-grade students
The Knoxville News Sentinel 5/13/01
Tour of mine disaster planned
The Oak Ridger 5/22/01
Remembering the Miners of Fraterville
The Clinton Courier News 5/2/01
Spring spruce up
The Clinton Courier News 5/2/01
More precious than any historical trail
The Oak Ridger 5/2/01
OSM gives $40K more for mountain water project
The Norris Bulletin 4/26/01
Coal Creek work day this Saturday
The Norris Bulletin 4/19/01
Coal Creek Mark the Trail Day: By Proclamation of The Tennessee General Assembly
The Knoxville News Sentinel Anderson County 4/22/01
Coal Creek work day set
The Clinton Courier News 4/18/01
Two convenience centers begin to accept appliances
The Clinton Courier News 4/18/01
Mark the Trail day set for April 28
The Clinton Courier News 4/18/01
Tour remnants of the 1902 Fraterville Mine Disaster
The Clinton Courier News 4/18/01
Want to do something positive?  Here's how you can get started
The Oak Ridger 4/17/01
Fraterville field trip May 19
The Oak Ridger 4/13/01
Volunteers needed to clean up watershed
The Clinton Courier News 4/11/01
If you are going to litter, have a little bit of manners
The Clinton Courier News 4/11/01
Cash paid for photos
Knoxville News Sentinel 4/11/01
Volunteers needed to help improve the Coal Creek trail
The Clinton Courier News 4/8/01
Fraterville Mine Disaster field trip commemorates 99th anniversary
The Clinton Courier News 4/8/01
Get involved, help clean up Anderson County
The Clinton Courier News 3/28/01
Mark the trail day April 28
The Clinton Courier News 3/28/01
Relive the history of Coal Creek
The Oak Ridger 10-27-00
Volunteers are needed to 'spruce up' Coal Creek area Saturday
Knoxville News Sentinel 9-24-00
Miners' memorials need cleaning
The Clinton Courier News 9-24-00
Volunteers are needed to help clean mine victims' gravesites
The Clinton Courier News 9-20-00
Cleaning up Coal Creek for everyone
Knoxville News Sentinel 9-10-00
Coal miners' labor remembered
LaFollette Press 9-7-00
Lake City honors coal miners
The Clinton Courier News 9-6-00
With apologies to fans of 'Rocky Top'
The Oak Ridger 9-1-00
Lake City to celebrate its coal mining heritage Monday
LaFollette Press 8-31-00
Lake City to celebrate 'Coal Miners Appreciation Day' Monday to recognize miners' sacrifices, lives
The Clinton Courier 8-27-00
Congressman Wamp addresses values
Anderson 8-27-00
Photo of Congressman Zach Wamp at Coal Creek Discovery Day in Briceville taken from Knoxville News Sentinel/Anderson County Insert
LaFollette Press 8-24-00
Lake City area events celebrate coal miners, area's resources and history
Clinton Courier Wamp 8-23-00
Congressman Zach Wamp visits Coal Creek Discovery Day 2000 in Briceville, Tennessee
News August 20, 2000
Knoxville News Sentinel/Anderson County Insert
Coal Creek Activist Shares Praise
Clinton Courier 8-20-00
A new adventure for 'Hollywood'
The Oak Ridger 8-18-00
Coal Creek Discovery Day Tuesday at Briceville Elementary
Clinton Courier 8-16-00
Article on Coal Creek Discovery Day 2000
News Article 8-6-00
Knoxville News Sentinel/Anderson County Insert
Flood Control Expert to Discuss State Laws
Clinton Courier  8-00
Let me tell you about Coal Creek
TN ASCE Newsletter
Article in American Society of Civil Engineers' Newsletter 
Knoxville News Sentinel 7-9-00
TVA Engineer to speak in Briceville July 10
Clinton Courier 7-9-00
Thanks for cleaning Coal Creek
The Oak Ridger 7-7-00
Creek flooding meeting Monday
Knoxville News Sentinel 7-2-00
Coal Creek cleanup deemed success
U.S. Department of the Interior article June 2000
Knoxville Field Office Joins Coal Creek Watershed Day
LaFollette Press 6-22-00
Coal Creek watershed 'Deadwood Removal Day' planned June 24
Oak Ridger 6-13-00
Volunteers needed for clean up
Knoxville News Sentinel 6-11-00
Volunteers to clear Coal Creek rubbish
Oak Ridger 6-7-00
'Church ladies' help Briceville kids with quilting project
Knoxville News Sentinel 6-00
Prisoners may aid Coal Creek cleanup
ASFE NEWSLOG May/June 2000
Standing up; Being Counted
Oak Ridger 5-18-00 
Trout spawning or flood prevention -- quality of  life goal the same
Oak Ridger 5-10-00
Residents veto proposed plan to clean up creek
Knoxville News Sentinel 5-7-00
Cleaning up Coal Creek
Knoxville News Sentinel 4-23-00
Watershed time for Coal Creek
Knoxville News Sentinel 4-23-00
Coal Creek floods county with problems
Knoxville News Sentinel 4-23-00
Coal Creek Watershed Day 2000 to streamline efforts to clean up area

The Oak Ridger 4-18-00
People living by Coal Creek fear for lives, houses

Clinton Courier 4-00
Solutions may be years away, but a lot can get started
Knoxville News Sentinel 5-31-99
Briceville Elementary School wins national award



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