Coal Creek News Articles

The Norris Bulletin 12/18/03 
Ghosts and Legends:  A Child's Heart Reaches Out
Volunteer Times 12/10/03
Santa to make early visit to Coal Creek, needs some help with project
The Courier News 12/10/03
A stabilizing effort at Briceville Elementary
The Norris Bulletin 12/4/03
Santa Claus to Make Early Visit to Coal Creek
The Norris Bulletin  12/4/03
Volunteers needed for Bank Stabilization Project
The Courier News 12/3/03
Looking for real spirit of Christmas?  Try Briceville
The Knoxville News Sentinel  11/22/03
Grins and Grimaces: An editorial
LaFollette Press 11/20/03
Scout to receive Eagle award for cemetery work
The Norris Bulletin 11/20/03
Coal Creek's Rev. Roy Daugherty receives Anderson County, TN Community Hero Award
The Courier News 11/16/03
Drew Justice earns Scout's highest rank
The Courier News 11/16/03
Thacker is 2003 Hoover Medalist
The Knoxville News Sentinel 11/16/03
Letter to Editor:  Fraterville mining story, actors boost awareness
University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering Alumni Letter Fall/Winter 2003
The Knoxville News Sentinel 11/15/03
Knox exec wins top honor for engineers
The Oak Ridger 11/14/03
Local civil engineer, Coal Creek Watershed Foundation president to receive Hoover Medal
The Norris Bulletin 11/13/03
Barry K. Thacker, P.E. 2003 Hoover Medal Recipient
The Courier News 11/9/03
Letter to Editor:  Poore family grateful for visit to Fallen Firefighters' Memorial
Volunteer Times of LaFollette 11/5/03
Coal Creek Health Day in Briceville is a great success
The Knoxville News-Sentinel 11/02/03
Actors go deep for empathy
University of Louisville Alumni Magazine Fall 2003
Coal Creek's 'Don Quixote'
The Norris Bulletin 10/30/03
2003 Coal Creek Health Day a Grand Success
Carol Moore and the Actor's Co-op visit the Elkhorn Mine
A Few Updates on Coal Creek Projects
The LaFollette Press 10/30/03
Drummond Bridge Story
Ghosts of the Convict Miners
The Courier News 10/29/03
Scared into learning
The Courier News 10/29/03
Coal Creek Health Care Day
Volunteer Times 10/29/03
Coal Creek history provides spooky tales for Halloween
The Oak Ridger 10/28/03
Classrooms turn into clinic at annual Coal Creek Health Day
The Clinton Courier News 10/26/03
Here fishy, fishy
The Oak Ridger 10/17/03
Volunteers needed for Health Day at Briceville School
The Norris Bulletin 10/16/03
Volunteers needed for Coal Creek Health Day
The Norris Bulletin 10/2/03
Volunteers to Finish Clearing and Seeding the Ball Park
The Norris Bulletin 9/25/03
Ghosts and Spirits of Anderson County - Ghosts of the Convict Miners
The Norris Bulletin 9/25/03
Doctors needed for Coal Creek Health Day 2003
LaFollette Press 9/25/03
Physicians needed for Coal Creek Health Day
LaFollette Volunteer Times 9/24/03
Doctors needed for Coal Creek Health Day 2003
The Courier News 9/24/03
Playin' ball in Briceville
The Norris Bulletin 9/18/03
Ghosts and Spirits of Anderson County -- The Spirits of Coal Creek
The Norris Bulletin 9/4/03
An Update of Recent Activities in Coal Creek
CE News Magazine August 2003
Tennessee engineer takes community service to new levels
The Norris Bulletin  8/28/03
Letter to the Editor
The Oak Ridger 8/25/03
Coal Creek Watershed volunteers deserve applause
The Courier News 8/24/03
Letter to Editor:  Trash harms efforts to help Coal Creek
The Courier News 8/17/03
Foundation gets $95,873 FEMA grant
The Norris Bulletin 8/14/03
Letters to the Editor
The Norris Bulletin 8/7/03
Celebrating Volunteers!!!, Letters to the Editor
The Courier News 8/6/03
Coal Creek stabilization funding increases
The LaFollette Press 7/31/03
Play to re-enact Fraterville Mine Disaster
The Clinton Courier News 7/30/03
Remembering the forgotten
The Knoxville News Sentinel 6/15/03
Scout works on historic cemetery
The Courier News 5/21/03
Learning from the past, improving the future
The Courier News 5/21/03
Prosise is Nantglo scholar
The Courier News 5/7/03
Location is everything
Trout Magazine Spring 2003
Engineers Honor Barry Thacker
The Courier News 3/12/03
TVA donates to Coal Creek Watershed



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