Coal Creek

8 October 2011

Students volunteer to install six
additional historic markers in
Coal Creek for a current
total of ten markers honoring
the rich coal mining history

How did you spend your weekend? 

Check out the very first
Occupy Coal Creek in 1892!

Did you spend it protesting at Occupy Knoxville /
Occupy Wall Street…

Photo by Adam Brimer, copyright © 2011
Knoxville protesters

…or performing a community service to qualify for a college scholarship at Occupy Coal Creek?

Service project at Occupy Coal Creek

Three markers were installed in the Fraterville area to mark the history

During the time between the Occupy Knoxville/Occupy Wall Street protests and the turkey shoot in Briceville, Coal Creek scholars from Anderson County High School installed historical markers along the Fraterville Miners’ Memorial Highway.  The markers inform visitors to Coal Creek about the Coal Creek War, 1902 Fraterville Mine Disaster, and 1911 Cross Mountain Mine Disaster.

Someday, the Coal Creek students can show their grandchildren the markers and say, “I helped install them to qualify for a scholarship to attend college.”  With their college educations, the Occupy Coal Creek participants can become the “fat cats” who are envied by the protesters at Occupy Knoxville/Occupy Wall Street.

Special thanks to Mark Morgan, Mark Mowery, and Lucinda Burnham from Norris Dam State Park for augering the holes to make the job of installing the markers much easier.

Which group do you think used their time more wisely?  If given the opportunity, which group would you hire?

More details about the history behind the markers can be found at http://www.coalcreekaml.com/Legacy.htm.

The beautiful markers were produced by the southwell company, www.southwellco.com .  Thanks to Toni Noto and their staff for the great service we received!



Cox, Nathan
Cox, Nicholas
Wilson, Johnathan
Leinart, Kyle
Vandergriff, Ryan
Payne, Drew
Smith, Holley
Smith, Nathan
Wright, Victoria
Wollard, Ron
Cox, Tonya
Cox, Charles
Moore, Carol
Thacker, Barry
Daugherty, Daniel


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