9th Annual Coal Creek Scholars Day
(and "delayed" visit from Santa's helpers)
at Briceville School in Coal Creek
4 January 2011

"There are NO EXCUSES why all of you should not graduate from college!", so says
Coal Creek Scholar Cassie Phillips to the Briceville 4th and 5th grade students.

We think this is the most valuable day of the year at Briceville School!  Five former Briceville School students and Coal Creek Nantglo scholarship winners came together to encourage the 4th and 5th graders at Briceville School to study hard, help their community, and get involved in a variety of activities so they can attend college one day. 

The scholars led a panel discussion and took questions from the students, explaining why they need to begin early to prepare for college, their choices for college and careers, how they are learning a variety of ways to succeed in college, and what a difference it is making in their lives. 

Coal Creek Scholars
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Coal Creek Scholars with Briceville School
4th and 5th graders


Coal Creek Scholars

L to R:
Jonathan Sharp,  Jacob Phillips, Cassie Phillips, April Golden and Andy Harness

Jonathan Sharp is a junior at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) and is on their football team which includes additional scholarship money.  He is majoring in business.  He told the students to concentrate more on their studies than anything else.  He is married and now lives in married student housing at EKU.

Jacob Phillips says he is the President of Fun (President of Campus Activities Board) while he is attending Roane State to obtain his general degree and is deciding what he want to choose as a career.  Jacob has become involved in organizing social events at the school and is developing great networking skills along with obtaining his degree.

Cassie Phillips is a sophomore at Roane State and plans to become a Registered Nurse.  Cassie was very firm in her talk to the students and told them there is NO EXCUSE for any of them not to graduate from college!!

April Golden graduated from Roane State and is a Licensed Practical Nurse and loves her job!  She plans to continue her education and work towards her Masters Degree to become a Registered Nurse.  She told the students that she started out studying Political Science, but found she was drawn to the nursing field.  After you get in school, you can discover you are passionate about a completely different career from your original choice.

Andy Harness graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Mass Communications.   He has begun a production company and works on other projects to finance his dream until the production company can fully support him.  He recently accepted a job with a Web-TV company. This is what you do to see your dreams come true!

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4th & 5th graders listen to Coal Creek Scholar Andy Harness and learn what it is like to attend college and what they should be doing now to prepare

The Scholars played Santa's helpers and delivered gifts to each student in the school from Kindergarten to Fifth grade.  Gifts included blankets, beanie babies, puzzles and candy.  The children were excited to get a few "delayed" gifts from Santa.  Due to ice and snow, they were out of school the whole week before Christmas vacation began.  Santa held on to their gifts until today. 




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