Coal Creek Scholars Day



5 JANUARY 2021



The Coal Creek Scholars program began in 2002 as a dream for an unbroken circle where Briceville students can participate in K-12 community service projects to celebrate their heritage and qualify for college scholarships. In return, they agree to inspire Briceville fourth and fifth graders to continue that tradition.

If you get a college degree or learn a specialized trade in addition to your high school diploma, you can expect to make an additional $1 million more dollars over your working years than with a high school diploma alone.

The unbroken circle was on display today when thirteen college students or graduates from Briceville joined us to tell Ms. Stooksbury’s and Ms. Forgety’s fourth and fifth graders the importance of going to college or a trade school. Scholars in attendance today included Kyle Leinart, Casey Prosise Swindell, Samantha Campbell, Noah Lamb, Joshalyn Harmon, Benny Foster, Skylar Mozingo, Hannah Sellers, Sydney Campbell, Jamie Poore, Sean Foster, Louisa Roldan and Ian Campbell.

Special thanks to our SUPER SMART Scholar Kyle Leinart for arranging the videoconference with scholars who were in quarantine. We knew if Kyle set it up, it would be perfect! Kyle is currently applying to Georgia Tech for his Master's in Human-Computer Interaction, where he plans to advance his knowledge in user experience design. His goals during the program are to publish research and start or work with a company that is working with cutting edge technologies that solve major engineering problems. Kyle’s video of today’s event can be viewed at  

The theme of several of the scholars this year was they are all happy with their choices of going to college or a trade school and they are excited about the great possibilities for their futures!

Many of our scholars told how with the help of their Coal Creek Scholarship, they left college or technical school with NO DEBT!

Since 2002, over $500,000 has been invested in college scholarships to help 62 Coal Creek Scholars from Briceville go to college or technical school. Coal Creek Scholars are current and future nurses, engineers, doctors, teachers, therapists, scientists, lawyers, business leaders, business owners, as well as medical/computer/welders, HVAC and artistic specialists.


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