Funding for the Scholars Program provided
by Schnabel Engineering and CCWF

Coal Creek Watershed Foundation
awards scholarships to help educate
a new generation of community leaders

Four Nantglo Scholarships totaling $40,000
awarded to Benny Foster, Joshalyn Harmon,
Noah Lamb and Nathan Cox!

16 May 2018

2018 Scholarship Winners!  L to R:  Nathan Cox, Joshalyn Harmon,
Noah Lamb and Benny Foster

Excerpt from CCWF scholarship award presentation at Anderson County High School by Barry Thacker, PE

“The Coal Creek Watershed Foundation is awarding four scholarships totaling $40,000 this year—that will make 52 students from Briceville who have received our scholarships over the past 17 years. The only requirement for receiving a scholarship is that you must return to serve as mentors to Briceville 4th and 5th graders to motivate them to go to college or technical school.  It’s a powerful motivator when you stand before them and say, ‘Ten years ago, I sat in this seat and if I can go to college, so can you.’     

Our first recipient this year is a man after my own heart because he will be attending Engineering School at the University of Tennessee with a dream of starting his own engineering firm someday— Benny Foster come on down.  Our next recipient can’t decide on pediatrics, the law, or teaching, so she will enter the exploratory track at UT.  We expect she will be successful at whichever career she selects— Joshalyn Harmon come on down.  Our next recipient will study mass communications at East Tennessee State University—Noah Lamb, come on down.  Last, but certainly not least, our final recipient has participated in nearly every one of our workdays since he ripped his pants at Militia Hill in the fifth grade.  He promptly sent his Mamaw home that day for a new pair of paints, so he could go with us to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  He will study engine mechanics at Wyotec—OK, Nathan Cox, come on down.”   

Pick a work day over the past few years and you’ll see photos of the Class of 2018 Scholars. 

·        Coal Creek history research projects at the McClung Historical Collection  and   

·         Work days at Militia Hill,, and

·        Trash cleanups,, and

·         Work day at Briceville Church

CCWF President, Barry Thacker, PE says, “Our favorite day of the year is when Coal Creek Scholars in college return to serve as role models for current Briceville students. You name it and we have a student or practitioner in that field—doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, nurses, teachers, accountants, ministers, business leaders, analysts, and more.” 

CCWF board-member Carol Moore says, “Our goal is to give every Briceville student the incentive to excel in middle school and high school because they know they have the potential to get a college education.” 

Nantglo is Welsh for Coal Creek and these scholarship recognize the contributions of the Welsh miners who helped East Tennessee rebuild after the Civil War.  They came to Coal Creek to escape persecution in Great Britain.  Here is where they wrote about their new land in their native language at a time when it was illegal to do so in Wales.  Those books now reside at Harvard University where they are still used as references by students today.  Dr. Eirug Davis from Harvard translated them into English for use in his book, “The Welsh of Tennessee.”   

With the addition of the Class of 2018, fifty-two students from Briceville have received CCWF Scholarships since 2002! 

Assistant Director of Schools Greg Deal, Carol Moore, Barry Thacker PE
and Tiffany Braafladt-Bale Anderson County High School counselor

Former Anderson County School director and Briceville native,
V.L. Stonecipher, Reading Recovery Teacher Robin Lindsay
Carol Moore & Barry Thacker, PE

Waiting on Noah to arrive before the awards ceremony

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