National Science Foundation and
The University of Tennessee

Science and Engineering
Summer Camp
for Coal Creek Students
July 5 to July 8, 2004

Did you know that ugly scars on burn victims can now be replaced with synthetic tissues made by biomedical engineers using smart gels and virtual instruments?  Did you know that synthetic tissues manufactured in a lab in Tennessee can be preserved for transportation and application to injured patients in Oregon using cryogenics?  Students at Briceville Elementary School and Lake City Middle School learned the answers to these questions during informational meetings on Monday, May 24, 2004. 

Dr. English discusses smart gels with
Briceville School students.

Matthew Frizzell studies a
mechanical model of a human knee.

Dr. Tony English, the “Nutty Professor” of biomedical engineering at the University of Tennessee, will be hosting a summer camp for middle school students from Coal Creek.  Through the generous support of the National Science Foundation, a summer science and engineering camp will be held at The University of Tennessee.  The purpose of this camp is to introduce middle school students from Coal Creek to the many career possibilities that exist in science and engineering. 
During the informational meetings, Dr. English told Coal Creek students that he was born in a small mill town in Canada where students rarely got the opportunity to attend college.  When he was in middle school, a visiting professor showed his class lasers developed by engineers and the practical uses for such devices.  Tony not only went to college, but he received a medical degree from Harvard University and a PhD in biomedical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), two of the premier universities in the U.S.  Tony wants to share his experience with the Coal Creek students and expose them to some of the many career possibilities they have in science and engineering.  Pouring Liquid Nitrogen into cooler to demonstrate cryogenics, the study of how to get to low temperatures and how materials behave when they get there.

Students who enroll in the free science and engineering camp will be picked up by a van at Lake City Middle School at 8:00 AM and returned by 3:00 PM, each day from Monday, July 5th to Thursday, July 8th

The summer camp will consist of a series of workshops and laboratory experiments that introduce students to:


Mechanical drafting and design


Virtual instrumentation


Smart hydrogel biomaterials


Cell and tissue engineering




Web Design and publishing

Interested Coal Creek students should contact:

Carol Moore
Coal Creek Watershed Foundation
3502 Overlook Circle
Knoxville, TN 37909
Tel:      (865) 584-0344  Ext. 102

Click on image to enlarge more photos from the Nutty Professor's visit to Briceville School and Lake City Middle School:

Reaction of the students to a bouncy ball that becomes a hard, cracked ball after being immersed in liquid nitrogen


Smoke (condensation) coming from liquid nitrogen

Way cool!!
Where can we get some?!

Students had lots of great questions for Tony

A balloon immersed in liquid nitrogen contracts, but then expands as it reaches room temperature
Briceville School 4th and 5th graders surround Tony after his science demonstration Barry Thacker, P.E., introduces Dr. English to the Lake City Middle School students

The liquid nitrogen demonstration is
always popular

Students finish up with
questions to Tony

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