National Science Foundation and
The University of Tennessee
Second Annual
Science and Engineering
Summer Camp
for Coal Creek Students
June 27 to June 30, 2005


Dr. Tony English, the “Nutty Professor” of biomedical engineering at the University of Tennessee, hosted a summer camp for middle school students from Coal Creek.  Through the generous support of the National Science Foundation, the camp introduced students to the many career possibilities that exist in science and engineering.  Students attending the camp were:

J.J. Dotson
Dale Hutchens
Kyle Leinart
T.J. Marlow
Michael McCloud
Jo Anna McCoy
Hannah Russell
Tyler Vandergriff
Nathaniel West

The Nutty Professor, Dr. Tony English,
and the students on their first day
of Science and Engineering Camp

Workshops and laboratory experiments included:


Mechanical drafting and design


 Virtual instrumentation


 Smart hydrogel biomaterials


 Cell and tissue engineering




 Web Design and publishing


A tour of the UT college campus


A visit to Geo/Environmental Associates' office to learn more about civil engineering and do some "magic tricks" with soil in their soils laboratory.

Barry Thacker, PE, lets the students
perform soil "magic" tricks with silt
and clay samples in a soils laboratory

Dr. English told Coal Creek students that he was born in a small mill town in Canada where students rarely got the opportunity to attend college.  When he was in middle school, a visiting professor showed his class lasers developed by engineers and the practical uses for such devices.  Tony not only went to college, but he received a medical degree from Harvard University and a PhD in biomedical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), two of the premier universities in the U.S.  Tony wants to share his experience with the Coal Creek students and expose them to some of the many career possibilities they have in science and engineering. 

Ken Schwall and his videographer Josh from NBC WBIR-TV Knoxville news, produced a news segment about the camp and saw how synthetic tissues are preserved through cryogenics.  Tony also conducted an experiment showing what happens when you throw a rubber ball, frozen using liquid nitrogen, against the floor.  Students told what they learned at camp and described their career goals.

Students with reporter Ken Schwall
and Videographer Josh (RIGHT)

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photos from camp:

Courier News Story and Photos

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