Saturday, March 17, 2007

250 Bags of Trash and 12 tires collected!!!
 Volunteers cleaned up trash along
Highway 116 from Lake City to Briceville along
the Fraterville Miners' Memorial Highway

Over 250 bags of trash and 12 tires were collected along a four mile stretch of roadside in the historic Coal Creek community.  We were very happy with the number of students  who participated in learning to take care of their own community.  Maybe the students can teach others not to trash our world.   Along with community members and students, volunteers included six Anderson County inmates and members of CCWF, Clinch River Trout Unlimited, and the Knoxville Office of Surface Mining.

The third annual Coal Creek Spring Cleaning Day was held on Saturday, March 17, 2007.  The day was organized by the Coal Creek Scholars and sponsored by the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation.  Volunteers of all ages helped to clean up litter and trash along Highway 116 in the Coal Creek Community from Lake City to Briceville. 

A prize of $100 was awarded to the team who collected and filled the most bags of trash.  The winning team collected 47 bags and split the award.

See more photos below...

Volunteers gather at Briceville Park after
their productive morning efforts

The annual event began with an idea from Coal Creek Scholar April Byrge as she rode the bus home from school one day....
"I have noticed a situation that has grown really out of hand in Coal Creek - litter.  There is not one square foot of unpolluted ground from Anderson County High School all the way to my house.  I have to look at this everyday on my way home from school.  I have to say, it hurts to see a place so dear to me being destroyed by its inhabitants.” 
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Terry Douglas, Jenna Bullock and April Byrge

(L to R) Coal Creek Scholars Jonathan Sharp, Office of Surface Mining (OSM)'s Tim Dieringer,  Melinda Patterson, Dhara Naik, and Danny Ellis (OSM)

Jared, Cassie, and Denny Phillips

Full trash bags line the highway just past Fraterville

(L to R) Ryan Vandergriff, Kyle Leinart, Tyler Vandergriff, and Kippie Leinart

Danny Ellis and Jonathan Sharp

John Thurman and Melinda Patterson

Frances Hamilton Oates from the Clinton Courier News and student Dhara Naik

Frank Bryant and Steve Brown from Clinch River Trout Unlimited

Area ladies did some home-cooking for the volunteers to reward their efforts in making Coal Creek more beautiful

Jennifer and
Jacob Phillips

Anderson County Inmates who volunteered were not in the photos, but they picked up a lot of trash and were led by Officers Jim Leinart, Gene Rose, and Clyde Drummond
Volunteers included:
Bailey, Zenith
Bolinger, Tammy
Brown, Steve -- TU
Bryant, Frank -- TU
Bullock, Jenna
Byrge, April
Daugherty, Della
Daugherty, Teresa
Douglas, Terry -- TU
Drummond, Clyde
Ellis, Danny -- OSM
Fleming, Missy Poore
Leinart, Dawn
Leinart, Grace
Leinart, Jim
Leinart, Kippie
Leinart, Kyle
Leinart, Nora
Leinart, Sara
Leinart, MaryBeth
Moore, Carol -- TU & CCWF
Morgan, Mark -- Norris Dam State Park
Naik, Dhara
Oates, Frances -- Clinton Courier
Patterson, Melinda
Phillips, Cassie
Phillips, Denny
Phillips, Jacob
Phillips, Jared
Phillips, Jennifer
Phillips, Rosemary
Rose, Gene
Sharp, Jonathan
Shipman, Bill -- TU
Thurman, John  -- TU
Tinker, Brenda
Vandergriff, Ryan
Vandergriff, Tyler

Several unnamed inmates
Additional thanks to:

Anderson County Highway Department for supplying  safety vests and trash bags.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Department for allowing inmates to volunteer.

Clinch River Trout Unlimited member Bill Shipman provided water and soft drinks for the volunteers.

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