Saturday, March 31, 2012

2200 pounds (1.1 tons) of Trash collected
plus another bowling ball this year!

 Over forty volunteers cleaned up trash along the
Fraterville Miners' Memorial Highway (Highway 116) from Lake City to Briceville

Over 2200 pounds of trash, another bowling ball, and miscellaneous gross stuff were collected along a four mile stretch of roadside in the historic Coal Creek community.  A large number of students volunteered and learned to take care of their own community.  We hope the students can teach others not to trash our world.   Along with community members and students, volunteers included Anderson County inmates and members of the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation (CCWF), Clinch River Trout Unlimited, Anderson County Commissioner Tim Isbel, the Coal Creek Company, and folks who just think this is an area worthy of being clean!

Krispy Kreme doughnuts to start the day and
BBQ was served to volunteers for lunch!


Volunteers including Anderson County Commissioner
Tim Isbel (second from right) removed trash
along the Fraterville Miners' Memorial Highway

The sixth Coal Creek Spring Cleaning Day was held on Saturday, March 31, 2012.  The day was organized by the Coal Creek Scholars and sponsored by the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation. 

A prize of $100 was awarded to the team that collected and filled the most bags of trash.  The winning team collected 14 BIG bags and split the cash award.  Everyone received an orange bandana in honor of the Coal Creek miners who would have been pleased with the results.

See more photos below...

(NOTE:  Please excuse the ditch scum/film that
seemed to have covered our camera lens and
blurred a few of our pictures -- YUCK!)

A few of the volunteers gather at Briceville School
to get trash bags, gloves, and hear safety rules.
(All volunteers not pictured)

L to R:  Volunteers Steve Brown, April Byrge,
Victoria Wright and Nathan Widener

L to R:  Volunteers Jessica Vande, Barry Thacker,
Megan Dugger, and Sarah Byrge

The Spring Cleaning event began as an idea from Coal Creek Scholar April Byrge as she rode the bus home from school one day in 2005 .... "I have noticed a situation that has grown really out of hand in Coal Creek - litter.  There is not one square foot of unpolluted ground from Anderson County High School all the way to my house.  I have to look at this everyday on my way home from school.  I have to say, it hurts to see a place so dear to me being destroyed by its inhabitants.” 

Pictured at right is April Byrge with Carol Moore

Recognition from State Senator Randy McNally:


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to enlarge:



Clean road!

THIS is where
trash should
be taken!

Sheriff patrol
kept us safe
from speeding
vehicles along
the roadway!
Our third bowling ball!

View previous
Spring Cleaning Days!

Fletcher Bean joined us.  He and his daughter and grandson have been voluntarily clearing off one of the Coal Creek Mine Disaster Burial sites.  Read about them in the news here!
Volunteers included:

Baker, Alan
Bell, Carlos
Bolinger, Tammy
Brown, Steve
Byrge, April
Byrge, Christopher
Byrge, Sarah
Campbell, Ann
Campbell, Greg
Campbell, Samantha
Campbell, Sydney
Campbell, Ian
Cox, Charlie
Cox, Nathan
Cox, Nick
Dugger, Megan
Fritts, Andre
Galloway, Brent
Isabell, Joseph
Isbel, Grace & cousin Emily
Isbel, Tim

Leinart, Kyle
Linen, Richard
Lively, Earnest
Moore, Carol
Phillips, Chester
Reynolds, Aaron
Riggs, Charles
Rolden, Tallen
Sweet, Larry
Taylor, Seth
Taylor, Sue
Thacker, Barry
Trabalka, Geoff
Vande, Jessica
Vandergriff, Ryan
Vandergriff, Tyler
Weaver, Alex
Widener, Nathan
Wollard, Ron
Wright, Victoria

Let me know if I left your
name off the list or
misspelled your name.

Additional thanks to:

A big thanks goes to Anderson County Sheriff's Department and their volunteer inmates who picked up a lot of trash and watched out for the volunteers' safety from traffic speeding down the roadway. This included Geoff Trabalka and Rodney Linebarger.

Thank you Gary Long, Director of the Anderson County Highway Department for supplying  safety vests and Geoff Trabalka with the Anderson County Solid Waste Management and Keep Anderson County Beautiful program for directing traffic and coordinating the inmates great work.

We appreciate the Anderson County Sheriff's Department for allowing inmates to volunteer and Chief Mark Lucas for supply patrol cars to keep traffic safe along the roadway.

Several unnamed inmates from Anderson County and probably others we missed!

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