Coal Creek Watershed Foundation
awards the $10,000 Nantglo Scholarship
to the Iron Maiden of Coal Creek,
Victoria Wright


Victoria Wright, Coal Creek’s iron maiden, says, “I just got an internship at Aisin Automotive Casting Tennessee! Super excited! Still taking classes and enjoying every second of it. I'm so happy I found my passion so early in life. Thank you guys so much!”



Officially, the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation awards college scholarships to former Briceville Elementary School students who participate in our community service projects and essay competition.

But, this year’s recipient actually earned her scholarship when she was in first grade and told a TV news crew the procedure for getting your blood pressure checked.  She said, “They put this thang around your arm, they pump it up, and it feels kindly tight.” 

Victoria's TV segment from this first grade event can be seen on YouTube with other Coal Creek segments.  Fast-forward to about minute 3:30.  She was absolutely smart and adorable even then.  Don't miss it!

Victoria accepting her $10,000
scholarship from Coal Creek
President Barry Thacker, PE

Carol Moore and Barry Thacker were
thrilled to present this year's award
to Victoria Wright who they have
known since she was in Kindergarten!

She was interviewed for a Knoxville News Sentinel article last year about Briceville students being descended from Welsh Lords of the Isles.  In it, she is quoted as saying, “My plan is to go to the University of Tennessee to study engineering,"  The article concludes with, “Now, that's something the Lords of the Isles could appreciate: a maiden becoming educated in the ways of iron.”

And this year, she was featured in an Engineering-News Record Magazine article… not bad for a high school student.

We are thrilled to announce the winner of this year’s $10,000 Nantglo Scholarship:  The iron maiden of Coal Creek, Victoria Wright. 

Nantglo is Welsh for Coal Creek and this scholarship recognizes the contributions of the Welsh miners who helped East Tennessee rebuild after the Civil War.

When Debra Rubin interviewed Victoria for ENR Magazine, Victoria stated:
Coal Creek Watershed Foundation helps all the kids in the community from the very beginning, in elementary school. In a community like Briceville not many kids get the chance to go to college or have the support to go. Barry and Carol have both been there since kindergarten. During high school they give us a chance to do community service for the exchange of a $10,000 scholarship. We learn about our community and we've even been able to help an author writing about the history of the Welsh coal miners. They also let us choose colleges to tour and set up dates, and all of the kids go in a group with Barry and Carol. That was always a big help to me because they help us with the insights of the colleges, and the great things that it would have to offer. 

Debra Rubin, ENR Magazine 

Upon learning of Victoria's award, Debra observed, "The industry needs more iron maidens."

CCWF's goal is to give Briceville students the incentive to excel in middle school and high school, knowing they have the potential to get a college education.  Since 2002, thirty-three students from Briceville have received CCWF scholarships as described at

The 2013 CCWF scholarship was presented at the Anderson County High School awards ceremony on May 16, 2013.  In addition to receiving her scholarship, Victoria was presented with framed copies of the Knoxville News Sentinel and Engineering-News Record Magazine articles in which she was featured.

View PDF of the
Clinton Courier News story:


Victoria worked with other
Coal Creek students to install historic markers
in the Coal Creek area including
Fort Anderson on Militia Hill
which is listed on the
National Register of Historic Places

Congratulations to Victoria!

To learn more about our
scholarships, visit our


L to R:  Carol Moore, Victoria Wright,
and Barry Thacker, PE

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