Coal Creek—Then and Now

News Anchor Amanda Hara
Channel 8News Brings
Coal Creek History to Life

As Briceville teacher Janis Bishop said in a recent
Clinton Courier News article, “When you have confidence, when you
know you have a heritage to be proud of, that makes a world of
difference on your outlook.”
  WVLT Channel 8
TV anchor Amanda Hara gave Briceville students a lesson
about their proud heritage with her report on the
Fraterville Mine Explosion and the Coal Creek War at

Special thanks to Bill Carey of Tennessee History for Kids
for his role in getting the Coal Creek Labor Saga included in the
education curriculum for 5th, 8th, and 11th graders in Tennessee!

Channel 8's chief cameraman Keith Smith and
Anchorwoman Amanda Hara in Fraterville, TN

WVLT-TV (Knoxville , TN CBS affiliate) anchor Amanda Hara and chief photographer Keith Smith are working on a two-part report to connect Coal Creek history to the present.  We took them on a field trip to historical sites in Coal Creek... just as Briceville 4th and 5th graders have done for the past 15 years on their annual history field trip.  They also filmed a history lesson by teacher Janis Bishop at Briceville School. 

Now that the Coal Creek Labor Saga is part of the education curriculum in Tennessee, all 5th, 8th, and 11th graders in the state have to learn about that history, but most of them do it by reading textbooks.  Briceville students learn about that history every time they walk out the door of the school.    

We love stories that validate the “Gone but not forgotten” messages on miners’ headstones, while celebrating the smart kids in Briceville.  

At the Frateville Miners' Circle at Leach Cemetery
Carol Moore, Amanda Hara, Barry Thacker and Keith Smith

Amanda Hara and Barry Thacker among the graves of the
Fraterville miners who are buried at Leach Cemetery

A stop along the way at historic Ft. Anderson on Militia Hill
where battles took place during the Coal Creek War of 1891-1892...
Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places

On the trail to the Fraterville Mine site

Amanda and Keith interview and film Barry Thacker at the site of the entrance to the Fraterville Mine

Amanda and Keith compare an old photo taken at the time of
the Fraterville Mine disaster to what the site looks like now

A stop along the trail where the Fraterville
miners walked to work every day

Briceville 4th graders were so excited to have WVLT-TV's Keith Smith and Amanda Hara in their classroom!

Hallway SELFIE with the 5th grade Briceville kids headed to their history lesson!!

Carol and Barry with teacher Janis Bishop before she
gave the 4th & 5th graders their Coal Creek history lesson

Carol and Barry with Tonya Scarbro of Briceville School who
is the QUEEN of coordination and organization!

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